Monday, January 26, 2015

Working Hard and Loving Harder

Brothers and Sisters, the miracles have yet to cease! I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE. I actually had a dream this week that President called me and said I would be staying here for a 5th transfer and I CRIED I was so happy. let's pray that was revelation ;) hahah

so lets start with the funny... SO a less-active woman in our ward gave us a ring this week and asked us if we could go pick up her cats from the vet... we were a little shocked, as most missionaries are NOT ever asked this question, and we called our district leader, he just laughed and was like well I guess you can if they are in kennels... so we drive over there, pick them up and put them in the back of the car, we do it as fast as we can because its POURING outside and we skipped dinner to do it.  SO we start driving and the kennels start tipping! These poor cats are clinging on for dear life in the back as we were trying to speed down the highway, during rush hour, back to their home so we can have dinner. They were whimpering and meowing all the way back. We finally get back and we lug them up to their owners apartment where we have waiting for us, 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that are COVERED in car hair... trying not to be rude we ate them all... and then left... we are now renamed sister KAT KENNEDY and sister MEOWlufau... riding the struggle bus people... riding the struggle bus.... hahahaha


Monday night, we had no appointments and no dinner... so we decided we would go street contact for the night! So we went over to a big apartment complex and we just went crazy talking talking talking. We found this MIRACLE family from Africa that was so happy to see us and they want us to come and teach them this week!! We are so so so excited!

THEN we called a man named Eric that we found street contacting a few weeks earlier that said he would be in Puerto Rico for a while, he answered, was EXCITED to hear from us, and told us he wants to meet whenever works best for us! we are going back tonight!

One night, about 2 months ago, we were going to check up on a former investigator when this lady walking out of the building said, "hi sisters, how are you?" shocked we started walking with her and she told us that she has met with missionaries before and she wants to meet with them again but she lost contact!!! WHAT. So we went back like a zillion times but she was never home. SO we went back for our last attempt and lo and behold she answered the door, grabbed our hands right there and started praying with us. We read from Alma with her, we talked about the Book of Mormon and we are going back on Tuesday to teach her more!!!

Derek (the miracle from last week) still kind of wants to be taught, but he is hard to get a hold of, so keep praying for him, we are going to call him today and get an appointment set up... pray pray pray!

THEN we saw Sheila again :) we taught her about a month ago and she was a total miracle but then she never answered when we went back... so we decided to check again, when we got to her apt. we noticed that our less-active who lives across the street had her lights on in her car. So we went over to tell her that. We knocked and we heard her son moan, "uhh its the sisters" and she just started screaming, "DONT OPEN THE DOOR! we don't need them here, its been a horrible day, why didn't they call first, tell them to leave!!!" Sister Malufau's eyes got big and she started walking away but I knocked again... haha she screamed again and THEN the pizza man walked in and he was delivering their pizza :) so we had him knock and we stood right behind him. They answered the door and she screamed at us again, and I smiled and said, 'HI! we just wanted to let you know the lights are on in your car!" :) And she wrapped her arms around me and said, "thank you so much for being persistent!! My car wouldn't have started in the morning and I wouldn't have made it to church!"  the tender mercies of the Lord are real :)

AND THEN we went and saw Sheila, she reluctantly let us in and we talked about Christ and shared the "Because of Him" Mormon message with her, She LOVED it and she told us that she got the same feelings in her heart watching that as she did when we taught her the plan of salvation. She said, "OK! I am going to read the Book of Mormon before our lesson next Saturday at 7! and I will say the prayer!" I thought I was going to jump out of my chair. it was AWESOME.

Our new bishop gave us 4 referrals for families he wants us to check up on this week and we are SO PSYCHED. There are just too many miracles to even type. I am SO grateful for this sweet work and for this INCREDIBLE area that I serve in :)

I was studying this week about a sister missionary who served in Boston and who ROCKED the mish and worked SUPER hard. She was talking ot another discouraged missionary and she said, "We as missionaries don't CONVINCE people to join the church. We LOVE them into the church. If they can feel God's love for them through the spirit when they read the Book of Mormon, they join the church". HOW TRUE THOSE WORDS ARE! She goes on to say that it is the SAME with the members! We have got to LOVE them into doing missionary work. It is such a sweet work. They are so many blessings and rewards that I reap each and every day just being here. I LOVE these people. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these people. I LOVE Virginia. I LOVE Kingstowne. I LOVE my companion. and most of all I LOVE my Savior Jesus Christ and what he did for me. I know that his atoning sacrifice was for each and every one of us and this opportunity that I have right now to share that love with everyone I meet is so unique and so beautiful. I wish I could soak up every second of being a missionary. I wish I could express the amount of love and joy that comes from being a missionary.  and I wish I could more perfectly put into words what this opportunity means to me. I LOVE each and every one of you SO SO SO very much and I hope you can feel that love all the way from the "hood" in DC.

keep it real and keep the faith

sister kennedy
  part of the zone after zone conference

look ma, we in a trio now 

so whoever has the cleanest car in the zone at zone conference gets to switch cars with anyone in the zone. someone took ours. so we got the van #jokes 

me at the vet with my friend cat 

 get a call from a less active telling us that she has her 3 cats at the vet and she cant pick them up because she doesn't have a car and she cant take them on the bus. don't worry. we got it. just call us sister MEOWlufau and sister KAT KENNEDY #winning

 Me and Sista Kelley just being us.............

Just Do It! (sister swag...aka Nike)

HOLY MIRACLES!!! BROTHERS AND SISTERS I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW I CAN BE SO BLESSED!!! I can not believe how much better my mission gets day by day, even when I think it cant, it does. #rad

So the amount of times we were hit on this week was a record high... What can I say? the light of Christ is pretty attractive I guess... haha except seriously THE most annoying. and I wear hardly any makeup and dress like an 80 year old woman. like bro... what are you looking at? #thestruggle

We ran into all sorts of people this week... one guy was telling us that he is from Pakistan and he is muslim... so we started talking about Christ and he throws in that he has read the Book of Mormon... uhhh what? are you serious? it was so crazy... but then he went on to tell us that he believed in and practiced every religion... hahah ok... well see ya later... 

NOW FOR THE MIRACLES!!! so. one of our most solid families dropped us this week... we are being dropped RIGHT AND LEFT and I finally got to the point that I was so frustrated I could scream! So then our zone leaders called us... and I answered in a voice that was pretty close to death because I was so frustrated. they asked us about our investigators and I told them and they just kept saying "sister kennedy! It's ok! you have enough faith that we know you will find someone to teach! what are your plans for tonight?" so I told them and the last lesson we were having was with a less active lady in the ward. Elder Macias asked me if there was anyone in her home that wasnt a member that we could teach. Grudgingly I told him about her 20-year-old son who is a total punk to us every time we go over and who isnt a member. And our zone leaders, being as cool as they are, committed us to try and get Derek (her son) to be a part of the lesson with us. Now keep in mind he was taught the missionary lessons with his mom 9 years ago and randomly decided not to get baptized and since then has refused to meet with missionaries or go to church or anything. So we go over and he wasnt downstairs so my first thought is, well he isnt down here so we wont worry about it but the spirit kept telling me to call him downstairs. So i yelled, and he didnt come, so i yelled again, and he didnt come, and one more time, with no luck. I asked his mom to call him and she warned us that he wouldnt come down and if he did he would be annoyed and go back upstairs but with faith we told her to call him down anyways. So she called him and he didnt come down and we started the lesson. 10 minutes later, HERE COMES DEREK! He comes down, asks how we are, sits on the couch and AGREES TO BE A PART OF THE LESSON. i thought my heart was going to fall out of my chest. So he watches the video we showed his mom and we have an in depth discussion about the church and about why he listened to us. HE THEN AGREED TO TAKE THE DISCUSSIONS AND GET BAPTIZED. #WUT. #ISTHISREALLIFE. I literally thought I was going to pass out. We got out of the lesson and I called our zone leaders on the verge of tears... Elder Macias (one of our zone leaders) was screaming so loud I thought he was going to die. hahaha all these people were looking at me like I was a crazy person! BUT IT WAS SUCH A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!

WE HAVE THE BEST WARD EVER.  Yesterday during church we sang my favorite hymn and I just started crying as I looked around at all these incredible people that are helping shape my life. I LOVE THEM so much and I cant stand to think that i will be leaving after this transfer. The relationships I have built and the trust we have built with the members has been incredible. I LOVE this place literally with every ounce of my being.

THEN we had elder Hallstrom and elder Perkins of the quorum of the 70 come and talk to us! IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE. I wish I could have recorded it for all of you to watch. They spoke to us with so much love and with so much faith in us as missionaries. They told us of the love that President Monson has for each of us and for how much we are prayed for by all the leaders of the church. We are truly part of such a glorious work and I am SO LUCKY to be here! I feel so watched over and SO loved. What a blessing!

So the computer I am on keeps going WHACK so i have no time left, but this week I learned so much about JUST DOING IT. There are so many times when the last thing I want to do is talk to that sketchy guy on the street or knock doors when its 10 degrees outside, or get yelled at by crazy people on the streets but we do it because we know its right. we do it because the Lord has blessed us with so many things that the least we can do is give back for 18 months. I have truly learned the power of forgetting myself and getting to work. So many miracles come from NOT WORRYING. NOT DOUBTING. NOT SAYING NO. and just doing it. This week I want to commit you all to JUST DOING SOMETHING.  Say hi to the lonely girl on the bus, ask someone how you can help them, send a thank you card, SMILE, and just do it, because sometimes the best thing we can do is stop thinking about something and just start acting on it. 

I know these things are true and I so testify of them in the name of Jesus Christ amen

keep it real and keep the faith

sister kennedy

Pics below are just us being CRAZY!

Abide with Me...

BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!! what an incredible week full of so many mighty miracles! wow I am SO blessed! I want to start off by sending out a big fat shout out to Layne Bulwan for tweeting at me this week... good to know the social media world hasn't completely forgotten about me #holler.
hahaha now for even more good news! It was transfers this week! and I wasn't transferred, but SISTER KELLY WAS. and GUESS WHO IS NOW IN MY DISTRICT. YES. SISTER SWAG MASTER KELLY. holy smokes I am SO AMPED. she is such a champ. I think we were both crying on the phone when she called after transfers to tell me the news. SUCH A WIN.

YAY FOR MISSIONARY WORK! first off, I HAVE BEEN A MISSIONARY FOR ALMOST 5 MONTHS. how is that even possible!? I am freaking out. my life is flashing before my eyes! so crazy!!!

So this week we went on a "blitz" with our sister training leaders, meaning they came to our area to find with us. SO FUN. I was able to go with our NEW sister training leader, Sister Stucki who I love with every ounce of my being. It was SO FUN. we were on probably our 3rd door and the guy who answered literally YELLED at us on his doorstep for 20 solid minutes. Saying that we didn't believe in the Grace of God because all Mormons believe they are perfect and have no fault. uhhhh sir? who are you and stop telling me what I believe. then as we left he screamed at us "THE MOST HIGH GOD IS BETTER THAN ANYTHING YOU CAN DO FOR ME!" what are you even talking about? hahahaha, sorry probably not that funny of a story, but it was funny in the moment.
BUT the good news, is on that same blitz, we were talking to EVERYONE in our path and we stopped a guy named eric :) He is from Peru and was born catholic but never practiced, he told us he didn't want to know more about God or our religion and then as we continued to talk to him and testify he said, " you know actually I have been wanting to find a religion that I can be a part of, why don't you guys come back?" UMM OK. so yeah, PUMPED about that.

THEN we got..... 14 referrals. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. no. that's completely real.  I AM SO HAPPY!!! Our mission president said if we ask for referrals from everyone you will get them and you will find more people to teach. so we did.The issue is that we haven't been able to contact all of them yet, but a few we have! one of which we went over and taught and she wants us to come back!!! YAY!

Another one, we had her address but when we got there we realized that it was a number for an apartment building but no specific number for her apartment, so we tracted the whoooole building. AND we found Emmanual :) who was SO DARLING and he wants to know everything we know about God, we asked if we could leave him with our card and he said oh no. you call me and we will set up a time to talk! I want you to come back! #WUT. yeah so real. RADDDDD

Then we found Cris :) Sister Malufau and I were coming out of a dinner appointment, and she was across the street walking her dog! so we ran over and talked to her and she told us to come and teach her the next day! so we did and she agreed to read the Book of Mormon and she wants us to come back in 2 weeks!

THEEEEEN Casandra, Faith, and  Elijah (a family we found a while back) want us to come and teach them this weekend! They are reading the Book of Mormon and they love it! they are going to call us tonight because they have a few questions and I am SO EXCITED! this restored church was made because Joseph Smith asked a question, questions are SO good! WE ARE SO EXCITED! AHHHHHH!!!!

We have seen SO MANY MIRACLES!!! EVERY DAY! every SECOND of every day! and because we are trying to be "all in" and work every available moment we are being SO BLESSED. I love this sweet work and all of the incredible people we are able to be in contact with. As missionaries we are blessed to have the constant companionship of the spirit at a LEVEL 10 every day. IT IS INCREDIBLE. I wish I could explain how wonderful it is to feel the spirit so strong every day, and to see the blessings of following the spirit every day. MIRACLES ARE REAL! I know I say that every week, but they really are. Last night we went to go teach some of our favorite recent converts and when we got there She was feeling SUPER sick and he had just gotten of the phone with his parole officer (he is in the army) and both of them had forgotten that we were coming. SO we sat down with them and we talked about what they needed and what we could help them with. It was incredible to feel the spirit that was in the room as we really tried to understand where they are coming from and what they need. by the end of the visit he looked at us and said, "how do you guys always know exactly when to come and exactly what to say? you are both like an incredible beam of light amidst the darkness and turmoil of our world".

THE SPIRIT IS SO STRONG AND THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE! Ask the Lord to abide with you and I can testify that he can, he will, and he wants to. I love you all so so so so much

keep it real and keep the faith

sister kennedy 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

He is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever

Brothers and Sisters!!!

SO many miracles happened this week that I don't think I can tell you all of them in one email! (I know I say that every week, but it is SO TRUE).

Let's start with the funny part... so we were looking for a potential investigator whose address I SWEAR didn't exist... but Sister Malufau was certain that the GPS knew better than me, so we followed it. WELL. It took us to an "extended stay America" HOTEL. I was like "uhh sister this a hotel" and she goes "well, maybe there are apartments inside" hahaha don't ask me why I believed her, but we went in and it was VERY CLEARLY a hotel. The lady at the front desk gave us the weirdest look and asked If we were checking it, we said no and we asked her if she knew of the address we were looking for. She said no and as we turned to leave, sister malufau, being the cute thing that she is, started talking to this girl about who we are and what we do as missionaries. She goes, "hahahah I know! I am in the Crystal City singles ward! I was wondering what the heck you 2 were doing here checking into the hotel!!!" we looked SO disobedient. hhaahahahahhahaha it was SO FUNNY.

We had what is called "return and report" this week which is where the trainees and the trainers go to see how they are doing and to see what we both need to improve on.  It was a SUPER cool meeting. President shared incredible insight with us that just makes me want to work harder to be better!!! He is so wonderful, this work is SO INSPIRED!

SO this week we went and did service at a less-active's house and while we were there we decided to get down to the "neeeeedy-greeeeedy" and see what she really needed. While we were cleaning her room she told us that she had lost her wedding ring in her room 2 months ago and she still couldnt find it (she is kind of a hoarder, so there is no question as to why she cant find it). She kept telling us, "all I keep thinking of is 2,000 dollars that I don't have to replace that ring". finally I looked at her and said, "have you prayed about it?" She started crying as she told us that she felt like in order to receive an answer to a prayer, she felt like she had to go through a trial and she didn't need any more trials. I said a prayer in my heart and with more faith than I have ever had, I looked at her and I said, "I have 110 percent faith that we will find your wedding ring before we leave your house". keep in mind we had an appointment to be at in 20 minutes and this ring has been gone for 2 months. Those words came out my mouth and I thought, HOLY SMOKES. sister kennedy what did you just DO!? And so the three of folded our arms and I prayed that Heavenly Father would answer our prayer according to our faith. I said amen, and the woman looked at me and said, "I felt your faith in that prayer and I know that you can help me find my ring". We started the search and within 10 minutes we found the ring. I picked it up off the floor and with a huge smile of hope and relief I handed it to her. She looked at me, and fell into my arms sobbing... literally uncontrollably sobbing... She kept saying, "I knew you would find it! I have faith now! I have faith!" it was such an incredibly touching experience for me. HEAVENLY FATHER ANSWERS PRAYERS!!!

THEN! we have another less active we are working with that has an issue with tithing... Sister Malufau and I have been praying to know what she needs from us and what is keeping her from going through the temple, and thanks to the spirit we found out that tithing was her issue!!! SO. I shared with her an experience that my MARVELOUS parents had. they are the champs of all champs (like you all already know). I told her that my mom and dad have always been faithful in their tithing whether or not their financial circumstances really allowed it or not... There was one particular time in their life, when around Christmastime they were extremely short on money, but they still paid their tithing. That year, on Christmas Eve, there was a knock at the door and on the door step, there was a box full of 50 gold coins. They feel as if that blessing came because they were faithful in paying their tithing. Our less-active said, "wow that's a great story, but that would NEVER happen to me! I don't have any friends with money!" BUT she still committed to start paying her tithing starting in January. Well she went out of town for Christmas and texted us asking us to pick up some packages on her porch that she was expecting so they wouldn't get rained on. We did, and when she got back we brought them to her. Now one of the packages she got she was NOT expecting. She asked us who it was from and both of us just shrugged our shoulders, and told her we just grabbed what was on the porch. She opened that gift and inside was a candle with an anonymous card that was addressed to her, and a $50 bill.  She looked at us and said, "I think Heavenly Father is telling me I need to pay my tithing and everything is going to be alright." WHAT A MIRACLE!!! IT IS THE SAME EXPERIENCE MY PARENTS HAD!! AND IT EVEN CAME ON CHRSITMAS EVE!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!

I wish I had time to tell you everything that happened every hour of every day because SO many miracles come constantly! I LOVE IT! It is incredible to see how my love for this work gets deeper and deeper every coming week. There were a lot of things that didn't go our way this week, a lot of horribly rude people, a lot of investigators that either don't want to be taught or aren't getting back to us, and overall, a LOT of disappointment. BUT because of our marvelous brother Jesus Christ, His all encompassing atonement has TRULY made up for what I lack this week. and I have FELT His love and his power every day, every hour, no MATTER the circumstance. I KNOW and I have FULL FAITH that our Heavenly Father loves us so fully and so deeply that we truly will never be able to comprehend it and His love is something to be excited about. It is something worth sharing, and it is something that I will forever and eternally be grateful for. Look for the good. Look for the better. Look for the best. Look up. and recognize that our wonderful and all-powerful God truly is the same YESTERDAY, TODAY, and FOREVER.
keep it real and keep the faith,
Sister Kennedy

At the temple!

 our sweet Subaru!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Miracles!

Brothers and Sisters. holy smokes. I cant even begin to count my blessings, SO SO SO many miracles have occurred this week! I am SO SO SO grateful for this sweet work!

First, I GOT TO SKYPE HOME THIS WEEK!!!! HOLY SMOKES IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! it was so so so fun! It was a perfect boost to remember that I have so many wonderful people standing behind me and lifting me up. I am so blessed to have the foundation that I have thanks to my practically perfect mom and dad. I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH!

Also, the Kingstowne ward is WHERE IT IS AT. SO MANY MEMBERS were calling, texting, stopping by and inviting us over for Christmas, giving us gifts, making sure we weren't missing our families, and just being overall SO wonderful. I am so grateful for their love and kindness. I really felt at home this Christmas and I really felt of the Saviors love through those wonderful members.

The day after Christmas, we had a mission conference... which was SO bittersweet. President Riggs started off by telling us that A NEW MISSION PRESIDENT HAS ALREADY BEEN CALLED. #wut. I thought my heart was going to stop. his name is... DAVID HUNSTMAN. He is 46, a father of 8, from Salt Lake City, and a champ. his brother just ran for president or something like that... and his other brother is the American ambassador for the Chinese embassy, maybe? I don't actually know if that's a real thing... I was kind of in a daze when he was telling us about this. haha But I was SO SAD!!! he comes in July, and I am going to be a bawl baby. President Riggs has already done so much for me and I am SO not ready to see him go! THEN, president told us what our theme for this year is going to be.... drum roll please........... BE. ALL. IN.

holy smokes I am AMPED. He talked a lot about being all here. focusing on NOW and making sure that every ounce of us is centered on the work. I am SO EXCITED. You can feel the strength and the power of the whole mission working toward this goal already and I am SO PUMPED!!! and because of this.... Sister Malufau and I decided to set some high goals and work even harder!!! and guess who got 4 new investigators this week!?!?!? WE DID! SO RAD. Heavenly Father is blessing us SO MUCH! I cant even take it! WE FOUND A FAMILY!! we were tracting in this "hood" (everyone is from the south or Cleveland #Holler) and this lady opened the door with her 2 adorable children and told us to come back the next day! so we did, and MIRACLES happened!!! we taught the entire restoration and she was so happy! so excited! I couldn't even take it, the Lord is preparing her!!! and her kids were even more excited!!!! They are going to read the book of Mormon together and come to church next week! YAY!  

The next day, we were back in the area checking up on someone and right as we got out of the car, the person we were checking on texted us and cancelled. so naturally we were a little frustrated and as we were getting back in the car, the 2 children in the family we found came around the corner! They both just LIT UP and ran over to us and grabbed us! they just kept yelling, " you came back! you came back! are you going to come in and talk to us more?" our hearts just MELTED. it was such a tender moment.

THEN! we found Sheila :) she is this lovely woman from Ghana that we tracted into that we got a return appointment with! We went by and started asking her inspired questions... it was incredible. and then we asked, "so if God appeared to you right now and you could ask him one thing, what would it be?" sidenote: being a missionary, this can be the SCARIEST question to ask because you want to have an answer... so we asked it with confidence and faith that we would know what to tell her... She thought for a second and then said, "why do bad things happen that we don't understand? like my friend who just died last week..." WOW. we looked at her and said "Sheila we have a message for you that we know will help you have peace and comfort" and we shared the plan of salvation with her. She told us that while we taught she felt happy and good in her heart because of the Holy Spirit. IT WAS MIRACULOUS. we are going back next week to teach her more! YAY!!!!

This week was full of miracles! and there are more I just don't have time to write... haha but I do want to share a short message with you from one of my best friends who recently joined the church:

"As a recent convert to the church, I had many experiences in high school searching for happiness, usually only finding the temporary kind. I frequented many parties and learned the right (but very wrong) things to say and do, earning myself a coveted spot in many social circles. 
I was happy. 
Each night I went out with my “friends”, we would laugh and scream and I had fun, however the fun only lasted until we fell asleep. The next morning we’d usually feel sick, recount all the instances in which we made fools of ourselves, and I would always feel a little ashamed and guilty. 
Was I happy?
When I came to BYU, I met incredible people, learned how to have real fun, and, at the end of my freshman year, I joined the church. 
I found my happiness. 
I found true happiness. 
Although many think that religion (or specifically, my religion) will not bring them happiness, ignoring the missionaries and their lessons, it has helped me find happiness and peace in my life. It is also something that has united me with so many people around the world: knowing this happiness, sharing this happiness, and realizing that there are people in every corner of the earth who are experiencing this happiness."

After reading this, I want you all to think about this change she made. It was HUGE. At first she didn't know that she wasn't truly happy. She didn't know she was missing anything. and she didn't know that the church had so much to offer her. I am praying and pleading with each one of you to give this church a chance. Let the Savior work with you. Read the book of Mormon! you will NEVER KNOW if it is right for you unless you try it. Just like anything else in this life, you must give it a chance. I can testify to you that this church will quench the thirst you may not even know you have and eventually it will lead you to that eternal happiness that we all yearn for. Although it way seem restrictive, I promise it will set you free. Although it may seem boring, I can testify you will be anxiously engaged, and although it may not even seem inviting, I know and I have faith that the Lord is waiting with OPEN ARMS to embrace you into His restored Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Brothers and sisters, this work it SO good. The gospel is SO happy. and this Chruch is SO undeniably true. I know it. I live it. and I absolutely LOVE it. of these things I testify, I the beloved and SACRED name of Jesus Christ, amen.

keep keeping it real and keep the faith :)

sister kennedy

 Us being our crazy selves!

 With the Elders

 check out my swagtacular oversized Tee from my fav less-active, sister k. merry Christmas to me.

  Chinese Christmas lunch with sister Ho and sister Wright :)

  teaching the ladies how to take selfies #classy

 me and my hot companion

merry christmassssss! 

 Sister Sportzzzzzzzz