Monday, July 21, 2014

its been a little crazy up in here...

I apologize for the lack of blog posts. 

and who might you ask am I apologizing to? myself. 

anywho.  the last month and a half have been a little crazy.

First off... I had three fabulous friends from BYU come up and visit for a weekend.

It was magnificent.

 kara and I showing our obvious sass. (gotta love the dirt on the butt.)

me with the three musketeers at Spud Lake in Durango

obviously we had to do a "weed" picture. I mean come on. It's Colorado.

artsy pic

my kara and I. don't mind how awkward my body shape looks...

shortly thereafter,

I finished teaching my first set of  hip hop dance classes

yes that is my real job

my beginner class :)

aaaaand my lovely high school class :)

THEN I was in Reno NV for my beautiful friend Annie's wedding...

I was a liiiiiiiittle bored on my flight...

aaaand the car ride there got a little cray

the happy couple right after they got out of the temple.  

what an incredible blessing it was for 2/3 of the bridesmaids to be able to be in the sealing room with her!

including myself :)

selfie with the bride and groom

the whole crew

the BYU babes

I am SO glad I was able to share this special day with her!!

After the wedding, we all drove the San Francisco for the week!

I had never been to northern Cal so it was all new

and SUCH a blast

taking in the salty California air

the gorgeous pebble beach

ferry-ing past Alcatraz

enjoying the sunshine state

we even biked the golden gate bridge!

typical san fran pic

you always need the close-up

check out all those hot ladies

and my personal favorite... they're just jealous of my sweet locks.

Now for the BEST NEWS

my last day in San Fran my mom called to tell me that my cousin Weston was being transferred to Dixie 

Regional Medical Center in St. George! 

aaaand that the day after I get back we were braving the 9 hour car ride to see him

I was PUMPED. 

not for the car of course, 

for Weston.

would you take a look at this good lookin kid?

I mean WOW. 

I was nervous to see him as you never know if he will recognize you or not

but immediately knew it was me. stood up. and hugged me tighter than I could imagine. 

He proceeded to tell me that he remembered I was going on a mission

and asked me all about my dating life (that he thought existed)

we talked and talked and talked until I was asked to leave so he could rest

but before I left he looked me in the eyes and told me he loved me

and that he would pray for me every single day of my mission

that the amount of love he has been feeling in the hospital

is the same amount I will feel in the field

I love this kid.  He always knows best.

 THHHHEEEEEN we had the fourth of July, family come visit from Portland, a TON of mission prep, and a

 lot of time hanging out at the lake... a total blast.

But I will quit boring you with zillions of pictures. 

in a second

This last picture if of a beautiful family that just got baptized.

Willie Riegel is my best friend's brother.  He lives here in "the RAD".

about a year back I had the elders over to teach my friend Maddie

It wasnt really her gig

sadly the elders stopped teaching her

 but from it sparked Willie and his wife Amanda's interest

In December while I was home from BYU I called the missionaries

I felt a sudden urge that they need to teach the Riegel Family

They immediately came over to get information on them

And have been teaching them every since

July 12th they, along with their 10 year old daughter were baptized

what a treasure it was for me to be able to witness that before my mission

life is good

God is great

and the church is true



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