Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Lord Blesses the Faithful...

Brothers and sisters! What an incredibly miraculous week it has been.
I can't even begin to express my love and gratitude toward God for the
many marvelous miracles He has brought to pass in the Oak Marr Ward.

I'm so proud of that kid.

The Funny -
We were meeting with a less active woman this week who is probably in
her late 70s and she was telling us about a horrible fall she took a
few months ago... We were asking her how her healing process is going
and she just says, "well they have me in physical therapy. But I'm
gonna be honest with you, they might as well just call it physical
torture". Hahaha I was dying for like days... I could not stop

We had another less active we were meeting with this week that was
totally geekin out on us. She was going off on her comic-con costume,
the latest doctor who episodes, the avengers comics, and some new
avatar book/movie release something? Anyways, I was sitting there
thinking... Hmmm should I be embarrassed that I know how to hold a
conversation on all of these topics? Probably not.

The Miracles:

Last week we had a member tell us to go check on a family that she
taught when she was on her mission that now lives here. We finally got
over to see them this week and it was miraculous. They are both not
members but the husbands mother is and she is in town from Costa Rica!
Which is also sweet because I was able to connect with them when I
told them that I had ancestors from there... Not sure if they believed
me judging by my pale complexion, but it was sweet nonetheless. They
invited us over for dinner and FHE this week after telling us that
they have been wanting sisters to stop by for years! It. Was. Rad.
Miracles are so real.

Later in the week we were tracting #ohyeahbaby and we tracked into a
Mongolian family! They were very sweet but the wife said they weren't
interested. As we were about to leave she said, but! My little sister
is here visiting from Mongolia and she might be! Uhhh ok sweet. So we
have a lesson with her right there and she loved it all. There was a
very strong language barrier but it as incredible to see how the
spirit worked through us in order for her to understand what she needs
to understand. We are going by aging tomorrow and we are so excited!

Last week we found Bahar, who we street contacted into, and we were
able to go to lunch with her this week! We had a miraculous lesson
about the restoration and about Christ. With her Middle Eastern
background we were really interested to see how the lesson would go
and she accepted everything so easily. She kept saying, "yeah. That
makes sense. It totally makes sense." As we were leaving we gave her a
Book of Mormon, 3 pamphlets and a Proclamation to the Family. She kept
asking for more material to read and it was so rad. She is so
prepared. She agreed to be baptized and we are hoping to put her on
date this week!

We have a neighbor across the way who we saw needed help putting stuff
into her car for vacation so we ran out and helped her, she knew the
sisters before us and invited us to dinner! She had Missionaries from
other churches come to her door and she said, " I kept telling them to
leave because I've got my girls across the way already! Come over and
tell me about you! And your church!" Ok Annie. We can certainly do

And the biggest miracle of all... One night we were tracting (hmmm
surprising) and I was in my iPad looking up an address while we walked
past an apartment complex. Sister Wheeler saw a woman a couple floors
up on her balcony and started talking (well. Kind of yelling because
she was so far away haha) to her about what we do. She kindly told us
she wasn't religious and went back to her computer. We testified of
Christ and told her we would just wanted to share a brief message
about him. She agreed and said we could come back Saturday at 2. So we
went back, and no answer. Although this is very common, we were a
little discouraged because there was something different about her...
Nonetheless we left and went about the rest of our day. That night we
had a lesson with a less active in the area so we went back, while we
were driving we drove past her apartment and we saw her on her balcony
again. Excited, but a little nervous we parked, prayed, and ran to
talk to her. She apologized, told us she forgot, and said we could
meet Sunday! Great! We had a busy Sunday and forget to find a member
to come with us until we were in the bathroom during church and a
sweet woman in our ward was in there too, suddenly the spirit brought
it to my remembrance that we needed someone at the lesson so we
quickly asked her if she was busy that night and if she would be
willing to come to a lesson with us! She agreed and invited us to have
it in her home. Excited, we text Jessica (the investigator) and she
said that would be great. We were waiting at Kristen's house for about
30 minutes without her showing up and we were nervous... And Then she
texted us telling us she was almost there! Yay! We had an INCREDIBLE
lesson about the restoration and the Power of the Book of Mormon. I
wish you all could have felt the power in that room... There is
nothing more powerful than someone feeling for the first time that God
is real and is aware of him/her. I got emotional as I talked about the
Book of Mormon and how it helped me find peace through some difficult
times and then Jessica opened up... She told us of the painful life
she has lived and the indescribably hard trials she has faced... The
spirit was so strong as we invited her to read, pray, come to church
and be baptized and she agreed to all of it with a smile on her face
that was bigger than she was. We are having another lesson with her on
Thursday to give her a baptismal date and I am SO SO SO excited.

It's crazy to think that at times I doubt that God will send us
prepared people, when my heart is so heavy and feet are so tired that
I don't think I can keep going... He is there. He keeps His promises.
God is GOOD. He blesses his faithful servants. Obedience really brings
blessings. And the church is so true. The changes I have experienced
in the lives of these people are indescribable. I love this work. So
much. And I love these people more than I will ever be able to
express. Miracles are real brothers and sisters

Keep it real and keep the faith

Sister Kennedy
 In English class with some of our students!

 My fav European country is on that license plate!  Barcelona!!

 Hermana Peabody :)


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finding Prepared Hearts...

Finding Prepared Hearts...

Hello fam! It's been a WILD week full of surprises and miracles!

The Funny:
The relief society president found out I'm a hip hop dancer (her
daughter is a dancer and we were immediately besties) and now it is
her quest to get me to dance for her before I get transferred... That
being said, every night when we go to dinner, the members will
casually slide in "oh and I heard one of you is a dancer!" Hahaha she
has been calling everyone who is feeding us and telling them that I'm
a dancer and to have music playing when we get there so I can show
them my moves 😂😂

We teach English class twice a week because of the large population of
middle eastern people in the area who can't speak English and one of
our students somehow got the impression that I am John F Kennedy's
niece. He has been telling all the other students this and because
they can't understand English well, I can't explain to them that
that's not actually true so they WORSHIP me. Hahaha

Remember the old lady in our Ward who gave us the beautiful dresses
last week? She came up to us at church on Sunday and told us she has 2
skirts and 3 jumpers that she's bringing to us next week... So get
pumped folks. Sister Morrow style at its finest....

We had a lesson with part member family this week that was INCREDIBLE.
The father and one of the daughters is a member but the older daughter
is not. We met them for frozen yogurt and had an AWESOME time with
them. The father got baptized 35 years ago and after our lesson, he
looked at us and said, "Sisters, that's the most I have ever read from
the Book of Mormon since I was baptized!" We also can committed them
all to read a chapter a day this week and to pray about it and they
were so excited! Especially the daughter who is not a member, we are
so grateful that we are connecting with her, she has been taught for 2
years and she's never committed to read!!! We are so excited!

There is this sweet family we sat next to last Sunday that is awesome.
They signed up to feed us later that week (which is awesome because in
the 2 years they have lived here they have never had the missionaries
over due to some bad experiences in the past) and when we were there
the wife was telling us that the family they live with (they live in a
basement of a home) is a family that SHE taught on her mission in
California! They never got baptized and they have lived here for years
with minimal if any missionary contact, we are stopping by tomorrow
afternoon and we are SO EXCITED. Miracles happen when you gain the
members trust!!

We were having a particularly hard night one night where we were just
getting railed on right and left and I was not having it, I said a
prayer and asked God to send us to the prepared people we were
supposed to find that night... We were tracting and after a while we
were going to a different complex and we saw a young guy sitting in
his van. So of course we creepily tap on the window and he looks up,
lights up, and opens the door! He says, "sisters! What a coincidence!
I am Nyambayar and I just moved here from Mongolia 2 weeks ago! I got
baptized 6 years ago and I have been less active but I want to go to
church here and I didn't know how to find you!" OK SWEET. THEN he
tells us he's living with a nonmember family that he wants us to start
teaching! OK SWEET. We swap information and find out that he's In a
different stake... So we give those elders a call. They answered the
phone a little sad and we told them the good news! They got SO EXCITED
and told us that they had been praying for miracles and we're feeling
like nothing was going their way until we gave them a call. It's such
a great feeling to be an answer to someone else's prayer!

Meanwhile... Sister Wheeler started talking to a couple walking past
our car. I wasn't paying much attention so when I hung up the phone I
just walked over and started talking to the woman. BASICALLY SHES
INCREDIBLE. They are from the Middle East but are not practicing any
religion, they had gone to a Christian church once before and loved it
and wanted to come to ours! YAY! Unfortunately, they weren't feeling
good Sunday morning so they cancelled BUT we are going to lunch with
them on Thursday and we are PUMPED

THEN on Sunday the elders had 6 investigators at church #what. It was
incredible. Miracles are happening in this Ward!!

Sunday night we got a referral from the Chinese elders that we went
and checked on with no answer so we started knocking doors and met
Jessie! SO MIRACULOUS. She answered the door, we started talking, and
within 5 minutes she agreed to be baptized. It was incredible. We will
be passing her to the hermanas this week probably (Spanish is her
first language) and we are so excited for her!

I know the Lord is preparing hearts here in Oak Marr. I know that the
work will more forward no matter the circumstance. I know that this
truly is God's work and That His hand is he only thing guiding this
sweet work. I'm so grateful to be "counted worthy to suffer shame for
[the Savior's] name." - Acts 5:41 the mission truly is a miracle.
Thank you for all the love and support. I love you all more than you

Keep it real and keep the faith

Sister Kennedy

We got to go to the zoo today!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Elli's letters!!

We Are GLORYING In His Name... LETTER FROM JULY 6, 2015

Brothers and Sisters it has truly been a miraculous week! so much good work AND I got to celebrate the birth of our nation in the nation's capital, can life get any better? probably not

the funny
we sang at the metro on the 4th of July as a district and there were these 2 swaggin black guys who kept walking in and out that were not giving any elder or sister the time of day. so by the 5th time of them walking by I decide that it was my turn to take a swing at them. somehow they stopped and listened to me and agreed to read the book of Mormon! it was rad. when I turned back around one of the greenie elder just goes, "sister kennedy, you've gotta teach me how you do that. you just start talking swag with your homies and they listen!" hahahaha

I kept wishing everyone a happy 4th of July this week forgetting that 90% of the people we talk to are not from this country and don't care to be from this country. hahahaha #sorry

we were hanging out with a couple from India and they made us these indian desserts that looked like cinnabon delights from taco bell... amped, I threw one in my mouth and it literally tasted like peanut buttery sand mixed with salt. and that was the last thing I ate before I started my fast... bad choice

this week was alllllllll FINDING and it was sweet. we met some incredible people.

on Tuesday night we were street contacting and there was a man who was walking toward us that we stopped who was SUPER not in the mood. he looked at us and said, "do you really want to know what I think of you guys?" of course we said yes, so he just rails on us for a solid 45 minutes... we finally get a few words in and we end up having an hour and a half long discussion about what makes the church so true and in the end, he stopped. looked me. and pointed his finger right in my face as he said, "you just changed my mind. my wife and I have been looking for a church and I know that yours is the one that God wants me to be a part of." it. was. SWEET. his wife only speaks Spanish so we passed them to the hermanas and we are SO AMPED to see what happens with their family!

the rest of the week we were not finding ANYONE so we fasted on Sunday to find people to teach and God, like He always does, blessed us with MIRACLES.

we get out of church on sunday and we see that we have a text! its from an investigator that we haven't been able to contact. he said, "hello sisters, this is anibal. im here at church. hope to see you soon". STUNNED, we call him and apologize for not seeing the text sooner. we are meeting with him and his family tonight most likely to start teaching them :)

THEN we get 8 CHURCH HEADQUARTER REFERRALS that come through on our ipad. we were freaking out. they were all like a year old, so we still don't understand that mystery, but nonetheless we went out looking for them. We start checking and we aren't finding them... a little frustrated, we were walking toward another house when I looked up and heard the spirit say, "go tract that building". there was an apartment building a couple hundred yards away that we went and tracted. we didn't have much time, so we decided to knock 5 doors and then leave. well behind the 5th door we hear the TV super loud and a lot of yelling. We knock, and this sweet young mom comes to the door. she looks at us and she breathed a sigh of relief. she told us she didn't have time but that if we had any literature she would read it. We gave her a restoration pamphlet and she looks at it and says, "come back. Thursday. does 2 work?" uh YES. we are SUPER pumped to go meet with her!

right after that, we check on another one of the referrals who ends up being a member haahah BUT he has a nonmember girlfriend that he wants us to teach! We are so excited! we are going back Friday. SO SO SO cool.

Brothers and Sisters I am so grateful for this wonderful work. I am so grateful for such a loving father in heaven who allows these people to feel of the spirit of the Lord in order for them to change and to become disciples of Christ. I love being able to recognize and feel God's hand in this work every minute of every day. The mission truly is a miracle and I can feel it changing my eternities. I love you all SO SO SO much

keep it real and keep the faith

sister kennedy

Change is a GOOD Thing... LETTER FROM JUNE 29, 2015

Brothers and Sisters miracles are so real. I'm so grateful for change and the miracles that come from being completely out of our comfort zone.

The funny:
We were tracting my first day here and the first man we tract into has nothing on on his bottom half... Hahaha everything was hanging out. I talked to him for a few minutes and he agreed to read the Book of Mormon and to have the elders come back and teach him! Haha Sister Wheeler was absolutely mortified. I died laughing for a solid 10 minute after that.

We have a less active we are working with who refers to himself as the agnostic alien worshipping Mormon. He literally doesn't believe in God and thinks that aliens are our supreme beings. When Joseph Smith saw a pillar of light? Yeah the aliens were using lasers to disguise
themselves into looking like actual beings. We literally had this conversation with him yesterday at church. Hahahahha

MY GIRL MAC DADDY'S GRANDMA IS IN THIS WARD!!! (Many of you may know her as Mckenzie Lance) when I walked into church I was introducing myself to the members and I shook her hand and said, "I'm sister Kennedy"! She stops and smiles and says, "elli?" I nodded yes and she threw her arms around me and starts tearing up as she says in my ear, "oh it's just like hugging my granddaughter again!" She started introducing me to everyone as her granddaughter and kept saying, "don't you worry! I'm grandma now. I will take care of everything you need! You just let me know!" SHE IS SO STINKING CUTE AND IM SO

Well team. It's been a WHIRLWIND of a week. So many highs and lows. I left Alexandria this week and I was a wreck. I spent 10 months surrounded by those who I consider to be my family. I love those people will every inch and cranny of my being, and just typing this is
making my cry. I love love LOVE them; and they will forever be dear to my heart. This week I got transferred to the Oak Marr ward in the Oakton stake... And I'm training a new missionary! Here in DC South we call this "pink washing" when two brand new sisters get put into an
area. Now let me just tell you, this adjustment has been crazy. As I'm sure you remember, Alexandria was on FIRE. The week I left we literally had people PLOPPING into our laps and putting themselves on date for baptism. How incredibly grateful I am for that, and yet it is
SO HARD to see an area that I literally put blood sweat and tears into start flourishing right as I leave. I am so grateful though that Heavenly Father is blessing Alexandria's hard working obedient missionaries with the fruit of their labors!

I am now in a ward with not one person in our teaching pool! Which means FINDING ALL DAY LONG! I don't think I have ever been rejected this hard and this frequently! Hahaha! AND I HAVE BEEN LEARNING SO MUCH! IT IS INCREDIBLE!!! ThIs is one of those wards that missionaries start rumors about in the mission because no one wants to serve there, and I have seen how the power of a positive attitude can influence so much good! Sister Wheeler and I have been working SO hard! SO HARD! And I want so badly for my little baby to see miracles!! And it's been so cool to see that our lack of discouragement has caused the spirit to really guide us to where we need to be. Saturday we got a text from a woman in primary who asked us to share an experience with the kids about how the Holy Ghost has guided us and right as she texted us we were getting ready to tract for the whoooooole night so we prayed that we would have an experience that night that we could share with the kids! So we took off talking to every single person we saw, nothing. And as we came up to a group of apartment complexes the spirit prompted me to take a right and we walked over to building 11105 and just started knocking. We knocked the whole building and no one would give us the time of day. I had told Sister Wheeler that we would find at least 1 new investigator that night because God would bless us according to our faith. The sweet thing was SO EXCITED and after we knocked the whole building she has a slight look of discouragement. I said a little prayer in my heart that we would know where to go and right as I said amen I looked out the window of the stairwell we were standing in and saw a woman walking to her apartment from her car. I ran down the stairs, flung the door open, and chased after her. Sister Wheeler nervously jogged behind me as I waved my hands in the air and yelled "ma'am! Ma'am! We have a message about Jesus Christ to share with you!" Somewhat startled she turned around, took the card from my hand and kept walking. I asked, "do you have faith in Christ?" She said "kind of" and kept walking. I said, "how has your faith helped you in your life?" she gave us a quick answer as she started up the stairs. Somewhat at a loss of words I just started testifying of Christ's love, mission, and divinity and suddenly her countenance changed. She wasn't in much of a hurry anymore and she listened intently. We asked if we could pray for her family and she nodded yes and told us what they have been struggling with. Then we led into the Book of Mormon and Sister Wheeler testified of the divinity of that book. She looked at it and then looked at us and said, "I will read
this!" We asked if we could talk to her about it more and she looked at us and eagerly said, "yes!" We are meeting with her today and we are so excited :) God really does put prepared people into the paths of His prepared servants! After this, we still had about 30 minutes so
we started walking to a different apartment building and stopped a few people who didn't want to hear it.

Side note: an incredibly LARGE percent of people here are from the Middle East. And by large I literally mean a solid 75% of the people here. And this month is Ramadan! So everyone is fasting from sun up to sun down for a month, and our prime proselyting time falls riiiiiiight into the time frame when they are getting ready to break their fast. So every single person we stop will nod their head, wave for us to walk away, and say, "I am fasting and I must break my fast now. I don't have time."

We decided to knock another building and Sister Wheeler led the way, we knocked on the first door and the woman very irritated answered and said, "I don't have time for this, my cousin just died and I'm talking with family back home". We testified right then of the Plan of Salvation and what that plan can do for her and her family and she wants us to come back tomorrow :) miracles are so real!

I have learned so much about patience, love, faith, and trust. I know that when we really rely on the Lord every single thing works out as it should every single time. When we give our all and literally do ALL that we can do, God makes up the difference over and over and over again. I can bear testimony of the power of testimony! NO ONE can deny a pure heartfelt testimony bourn of our loving and perfect Savior. He lives. and because He lives we truly can live again. I know that God prepares people to receive our message of the restored gospel. I know that change allows us to grow into the people that the Lord wants us to become. I know that fasting really does bring about great blessings. I know that God loves all of his children no matter where they are or who they are. I am so grateful for the pure joy and peace that comes only from understanding our Savior's infinite and everlasting atonement. I love this sweet work with all of my heart. keep it real and keep the faith

sister kennedy 

Remember The Journey... LETTER FROM JUNE 22, 2015

Brothers and Sisters, what a week. So much has happened. I can't even think of where to begin. Miracles are so real.

The funny:
We are about 45 minutes from home on Thursday night and we get a text saying "severe tornado and flash flood warning, get to shelter now". 
Oh that's all? 
We flipped out and RACED home and right as we got home the power went out for the rest of the night. And it wasn't until this moment that we realized we didn't have flashlights in our apartment. #showersinthedarkbaby

I told Jean that transfers were this week and he just looked at me in the eyes and started yelling, "KASH I DONT CARE WHAT HAPPENS, THERE IS NO WAY IM LETTING YOU GET TRANSFERRED. WHERE'S MATT RIGGS? IM MAKING HIM KEEP YOU HERE. DONT YOU DARE LEAVE!" This exact same conversation happened when I told my Ward Mission Leader the same thing. Maybe a bit less dramatic, but to the same effect. ;) 

So we got this random phone call in district meeting this week from a guy names Troy who is a member and dated a girl who just moved out to Alexandria! He have her a Book of Mormon and told her that he wanted her to read it! And she is! SO we stopped by and met her and she is ADORABLE and wants to learn more and get involved in the ward! So she is coming to FHE tonight and we are amped! 

Also we were planning one night in he basement of our apartment and said hi to the other guy in the library who looked up and was like, YOURE THE LDS! We kind of laughed and said yes and he told us that he's from Idaho but he's atheist. Long story short, he grew up in the church and then got his records removed a few years ago because he didn't think it was right for him and he agreed to come to some ward activities!! We are so excited! God really does place people in our path when we are ready for them!

AND THE BIGGEST MIRACLE! We get a call from the sisters Ina. Neighboring singles ward last night where they tell us that a girl just called them and told them that she is 21, not married, lives in our boundaries and wants to know what steps she can take to become a member because she loves our values and doesn't want to live her life in any other way than the Mormon way. WHAT!? We were freaking out and just started crying because the lord really does place prepared people in our lives!

I don't have much time, like usual, but I am SO GRATEFUL for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so blessed to be serving at this time in such a miraculous area with so many people that are so ready to accept God and Jesus Christ more fully into their lives. I'm so grateful for the gift and miracle for repentance and the Joy that comes from being converted to our savior. I am so grateful that each of the miracles this week came just in the moment that I needed top hem to remember that the lord KNOW when we are obedient. He knows when he are doing our best. And HE KNOWS what we need to becoming the best people we need to be. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I love serving the Lord. I love seeing change in the lives of these people who otherwise would have no hope. I am so grateful for my family and for my Dad especially over this Father's Day weekend. I don't know a better man than Kelly Kennedy and I am so proud and eternally grateful to be called his daughter. I KNOW I wouldn't be here if he hadn't set such a beautiful example of a Christlike life. 

I love this sweet work with all of my heart 

Keep it real and keep the faith 

Sister Kennedy 

Happy Days Are Here At Last...LETTER FROM JUNE 15, 2015

Brothers and Sisters. I don't have much time to write and I can't
recall much of what happened over the course of this week but man
missions are a miracle and I'm so grateful for them!

The funny

Sister Williams was sick all week (hang on, that's not the funny part)
and so last night she fell asleep early and I was sitting on my bed
eating ice cream (figures) and the window was open and across the way,
there was an apartment with their windows open and the NBA finals were
on. Let's just say I was crying tears of sorrow whispering "I'm a
consecrated missionary... Im a consecrated missionary..." Over and
over while I starting humming hymns and writing in my journal.

Nick came to church and very loudly proclaimed, "sisters what's with
the handshakes all the time? Just hug me!!" Sorry Nick. It doesn't
quite work like that.

This week was CRAZY.
Lucy left for China for the the summer and that was SO SAD seeing her
go, she wrote sister Williams and I cards and gave us a big bag of
Chinese candy before she left and I was trying as hard as I could to
not break into sobs. When she was saying bye she said, "when I move to
America I have no friends until I met the sister missionaries and now
you are still my only friends in America and I am so happy and
grateful for you". It was the sweetest thing. I'm going to miss her so

We weren't able to get in touch with Godwin for a while which was
HEARTBREAKING, but then we had a rockstar member call him and set up a
time for US TO GO TEACH HIM. Ok. Fellowshipper CHAMPION. So cool. We
had an awesome lesson on the Word of Wisdon, he agreed to live it and
is still fasting and praying about his baptismal date of June 27th.

In our lesson with Nick this week he finally just stopped us and said,
" sisters I'm not going to become converged unless I gain a testimony
of the Book of Mormon. And I don't have a desire to read it so until I
get that I won't get baptized". So we stopped right there and he said
one of the most beautiful and most sincere prayers I have ever heard
to have a desire to read the Book of Mormon and to know if it's true.
After the prayer he said, "did you feel that? When I asked if the book
was true I feel it. I felt that it was." It was SO COOL. In that same
lesson he brought 2 friends that wanted to learn too. It was awesome.

I don't have much time but I do want to testify of the Lord's timing.
This week I was able to witness time and time again that the Lord
really does watch our every action. He is aware of us and knows when
we are doing our best. He really does make up the difference when we
are doing all that we can to help his work. And no matter the outcome,
when we show the lord that we are willing to sacrifice for him and
that we are consecrated to His work and glory, blessings and miracles
will pour out more than we can imagine. God is so loving and so good
and so merciful. I'm so grateful to know that I have a loving father
in heaven who watches over and loves me. I'm so grateful for the
restored gospel. I'm so grateful for the gifts of the spirit and the
ability that we have to recognize and feel lasting peace. And I'm so
grateful for the TRUST we can place in the Lord knowing that
everything will work out as it should.

I love this incredibly great work and I love all of you

Keep it real and keep the faith

Sister Kennedy

The Truth of God Will Go Forth BOLDLY... LETTER FROM JUNE 8, 2015

Brothers and sisters! Another miraculous week here in Alexandria, so many wonderful miracles with my most favorite people ever.

The funny:
I was temporarily stuck in an elevator with a man while sister Williams jumped out and I was still having a conversation and not paying attention. One of the scariest moments of the week. #sightandsound

Aaaaand that's all I can think of, I promise more for next week

GODWIN FASTED YESTERDAY! Such a miracle. We had an awesome lesson with him and his roommate Emmanuel and we were able to explain the law of the fast and why it's important to live it. They agreed to and they did!!! They fasted! So miraculous. 

Nick texted us this week saying "can you send me a scripture that explains why I feel so good when I read the Book of Mormon?" Oh my GOSH YES! It was so cool! We had a incredible lesson with him about Alma the Younger and how he was able to be healed and forgiven because of the prayers and fasting of his father and the high priests at that point. Then we talked about dates for baptism, we told him that we had a date that we prayed about and when we were about to tell him what it was he said, "don't tell me. That's what I'm going to fast for on Sunday. I want to find out for myself what day God has set forth for me to be baptized". SO INCREIDBLE.

Lucy and Danny are getting ready to travel back to China at the end of the summer so we are trying to teach them as much as we can and hopefully get them baptized before they leave so they can attend church in China. They are wonderful.

Terrell is a referral from the elders that we had a lesson with on Saturday at McDonalds. (Side note: For some reason, McDonalds is really cool on the east coast so we have SO many lessons there, that's where everyone wants to meet) As soon as we started the lesson it felt off and so we asked an inspired question. He paused, looked up, and told us that his little brother just died a couple of weeks ago. So we totally switched the course of the lesson and with the short amount of time we had with him, taught and testified about the plan of salvation. He agreed to be baptized and we have another lesson on Tuesday :) so miraculous 

We had a lesson with Emmanuel (Godwin's roommate) set up for Saturday that ended up falling through, so we took the member we had with us and went and checked on people, while we were walking we started talking to Randy! We handed him a card and started talking about who we are and told us that he's a member and that he just moved here a few weeks ago from Baltimore! He didn't know if his records got moved into our ward or where the church was, nothing! So we called the Elder Quorum 1st Counselor who picked him up and brought him to church! It was so awesome, and such a testimony to me of being in the right place at the right time. 

To end Sister Williams and I were talking about CHANGE and I was complaining to her about how I don't feel like I have seen myself change on my mission. I feel like I am the same sister Kennedy that walked into the MTC 9 months ago and I went on babbling about all the things I'm bad at and that I need to improve. She looked at me and said, "Sister Kennedy. If you don't recognize the good in you, the talents you have, and the things that God is helping you change, how can you expect him to change other things about you?" Man. When she said that it caused me some SERIOUS self reflection. I recognized that I have been so ungrateful for the gifts that Heavenly Father has given me because I was too worried about being "perfect" and about how much I was failing at being good at everything. I recognized that God works from the inside out and that I need let Him work in that way! And I recognized that the things that I have used to label myself my whole life, and that I felt made me who I am are things that are worldly, and thus they are things that I don't have while here on a mission. I have been overlooking the divine gifts and talents that have been so graciously bestowed upon me by a loving Heavenly Father because I thought that being a good dancer and an awesome crocheter were just as cool if not cooler than those sacred spiritual gifts. HOW WRONG I WAS!!! Brothers and sisters I have been called to repentance. Our God TRULY is our loving Heavenly Father. He wants us to change and be molded and shaped into who we are supposed to be. He wants that more than anything in the world! And I was allowing those blessings to be withheld because I wasn't seeing the blessings that are right in front of my face. Be GRATEFUL for the gifts that God has given you. If you don't think you have any, look again. If you still don't think you have any, plead with God on your knees to show you them. And if you STILL don't think you have any, stop thinking and start FEELING. The Holy Ghost can bring to your heart the things God so desperately needs you to know, we just have to listen. I love you all do deeply and so fully and I'm so grateful for all of your examples of Christlike service, charity, love, hope, and joy. Thank you all for being a part of my life. 

Romans 5:1-8

Keep it real and keep the faith,

Sister Kennedy 

2 Nephi 4:34... LETTER FROM JUNE 1, 2015

Alright let's start with some shoutout this week shall we?

HOLY SMOKES BROTHERS AND SISTERS IT HAS BEEN A CRAZY GREAT COUPLE OF WEEKS! Sorry for the lack of writing last week... We went to the temple and got home super late #thestruggle... BUT  We have SOOOOO many new people that we are teaching that I don't even know where to start... Oh wait I know. The funny ;)

Sister Williams LITERALLY sprinted after a man on a run for a solid 5 minutes because we thought he was one of our investigators! Hahaha, wasn't him, scared the POO out of the poor guy, and then it ended with him taking a selfie "with his new ladies of God" for Instagram. #winning. 

We were looking for Godwin (another investigator) and I SWORE I saw him at the bus stop... So we make a U-turn, park the car, and run after him... Once again, not the right guy BUT still interested in the gospel #bingo

Nick, another investigator, told us he would only meet with us If we brought him Cheetos... We had a mission meeting that morning and one of the elder walks in with a tub of Cheetos that was as big as he was... Miracles...

Our apartment broke down this week as we have more mold growing from our ceiling, SOPPING wet carpet in our room, broken A/C, and mattresses in the living room where we have been sleeping the last week because of the gnarly stench of skunk/wet dog permeating from our bedroom. 

Jean quote of the week, " my goal is to make all my sister missionaries fat except sister Kennedy, she's the only I can't get... And she eats more than all of them!" #thanksjeanyboy 

Now for the miracles!!!
NICK IS BACK IN TOWN! So awesome, we have a new member in our Ward who came to a lesson with us on Saturday and Nick agreed to pray about baptism which is a HUGE step for him! It was incredible... THEN he agreed to come to church, and he CAME. AND! The guy who brought him invited him to institute and to church ball BOTH of which he agreed to come to. He is doing SO well and progressing SO MUCH! Ahhhh it's incredible!

Lucy, Duan, and Danny have been reading and praying SUPER consistently! Danny READ ALL OF 1st and 2nd Nephi in 2 WEEKS!!! 2 weeks! He was asking us all sorts of questions about how the bible can help him understand the Isaiah chapters and what prayer can do to help him come closer to Christ. THEY ARE A MIRACLE. When we asked Lucy what she feels when she prays she paused for a second and then said, "I feel like I have a dear Heavenly Father who is looking at me and smiling". They are incredible. It truly is a miracle to see the light of Christ radiating from them as they try to understand their relationship with Christ. I love it!

GODWIN IS PRAYING FOR BAPTISM ON JUNE 20th!!!! AHHHHHHH! We had an incredibly miraculous lesson with him about baptism and why it's so important for him and he finally felt it. He has been reading and praying to know what God wants him to do and it has been absolutely miraculous. He was on his way to church on Sunday when his boss called him in for work and he was devastated... He is doing SO well though and progressing SO MUCH. His fellowshippers have been incredible and I'm just so grateful for him!

Jean is still doing well, we had a lesson with him and a recent convert about real intent and praying to have his will aligned with God's. What a Miracle. He really wants to increase his faith in Christ and I LOVE that that happens every single time he is SEEKING. 

We met Davon this week... An AWESOME YSA whole rollerblades for music videos in LA and drives John Wall's car #what. He is SO golden but was getting a new phone a few days after we met him and we can't get ahold of him... So so so sad, but God will provide!!

Awet is a GIRL (yes. A female!!!!) that we met while checking on someone else last week and she is incredible. Probably one of the sweetest humans ever and SO open to learn, we are hoping to meet with her this week if everything pans out...

We also contacted as NOVA (northernVirginia community college) and it was miraculous! 4 new investigators in an hour! So awesome, lots of people seeking for truth and I love knowing that God has the answers and we really are instruments to give those answers to them... So so so cool.

And we met Andre this week... He's a lifeguard at one of the apartment complexes we are at often and he recently moved to the states from Jamaica. Probably top 5 coolest people I know. He didn't have his phone with him that he just got so he didn't know his number but he promised to call us... Let's be real everyone says that and never calls BUT HE DID. The phone woke us up at midnight and both sister Williams and I felt like we should answer it... Lo and behold it was ANDRE. "Sisters! I just made it home! I told you I would call you! I want to go to your church to learn more about Christ!" He actually lives in another mission's boundaries so we have to send him to them but SO exciting that God really does give us prepared people!

Brothers and Sisters... I am so grateful for my mission. Sister Williams and I are reading the Book of Mormon in 30 days right now and I am absolutely OBSESSED with that book, there is not one inch of me that doesn't know that that book is true and that it is God's word. I love seeing the hand of the Lord in my life and in the lives of others every single day. I love seeing the change that Christ can bring about in people. I love knowing that GOD LOVES ALL OF HIS CHILDREN, he doesn't leave us in darkness! His message is literally for every person we see! His gospel really has been restored and I am so indescribably grateful to be counted worthy to wear the name of my savior over my heart every day. I love the power that comes from REAL, heartfelt, charity. I am so grateful for the savior Jesus Christ. I love this work. I love the gospel. I love the joy that comes from knowing God, and I love each of you so so so much. I truly want to cry from every rooftop, "How Great Thou Art!" God really is so so so undeniably GOOD. 
- 2 Nephi 4:16-21 

Keep it real and keep the faith 

Sister Kennedy

Weakness Allows Us To Grow... LETTER FROM MAY 18, 2015

BROTHERS AND SISTERS. as you know, this week was transfers. and MAN was I a wreck, I am about 110% obsessed with sister davis so we were just a couple of basket cases saying goodbye to each other. I am SO GRATEFUL for her and for all that she taught me, she is now serving on the opposite side of the mission so God Be With Her Til We Meet Again :)
the good news of this story is that in our mission we have transfer meetings instead of transfer calls, so everyone who is being affected by transfers meets at a stake center and president riggs announces the changes over the pulpit. SO, I was sitting next to sister davis, trying to fight back my tears, when president riggs says, "in the crystal city district, in colonial 1a, sister williams will travel to sister kennedy...." and I stand up look back and see my sweet little MTC companion almost burst into tears as we run to each other and embrace as if we hadnt seen each other in decades. one of the sweetest moments of my mission. SO YES!!!!!!!! SISTER WILLIAMS AND I ARE COMPANIONS NOW! AHHHH!!!!!! What a miracle.
the funny:
I was proposed to for a second time as a missionary by a man from el salvador. sorry buddy. im taken #bytheLORD
Godwin fell in love with his fellowshipper and made her uncomfortable so we now have to find a new one. hahaha #thanksbud
so lucy, duan, and danny (our chinese investigators) has us over for dinner where they cooked us POUNDS AND POUNDS of chinese food and they had sister davis play the violin for us. IT WAS SO FUN. It was also during this time that Danny excitedly told us that he had found a church meeting house in Nanjing, China! and he has already talked to his wife and son about attending that church when he leaves back for China in August! Then Duan told us that he will be moving to New Jersey to get his PhD and he wanted to know where the closest chapel will be to him, how he can get in contact with the missionaries, and if he can still go every week! so now we are having "mormon class" separate from "English Class" so that we can start teaching them the lessons :) I AM SO EXCITED!
Godwin CAME TO CHURCH THIS WEEK! he lives at least 35 minutes away, and he CAME TO CHURCH! It was an absolute miracle. We were sitting in sunday school and I looked at sister williams and said, "should we text Godwin to see where he is? I cant believe hes not here" and she goes, "umm, hes definitely here" and I turn around and there's godwin, book of mormon in hand participating in Gospel Principles. SO COOL. We had a lesson with him this week explaining more fully why we need the priesthood, what repentance really is, and why we need to get baptized. IT. WAS. AWESOME. we didnt get him on date, like we planned, but we are hoping to this week. Such a miracle
We were contacting this week over by some investigator's houses and we met edy :) he is from Guatemala, and as we walked up to talk to him I recognized him and realized that we had talked to him before and gave his information to other missionaries who never contacted him... so we taught him right there in our broken Spanish and his broken English and we showed him "Because He Lives" in Spanish. THEN he told us that his mom, and his brother and sister are all Mormons! They met missionaries in Guatemala and were baptized! He said hes the only one left and his family keeps telling him to find the missionaries! We are going over tonight to give him his spanish book of mormon and to pass him to the hermanas :) So great!
Another contacting miracle, we were driving along and sister williams sees this woman walking and says, "lets talk to her". so I flip around, we park, and we START HAULING to catch up to her, in the process there is a man who is hanging up posters that we stop and talk to, we hand him a Jesus card hoping to do a quick pass off so that we can still catch this woman... but we hand him the card and he stares at it for a while, looks up, and with tears in his eyes says, "my mother just passed away from cancer... and this is who she is with now"... we testify to him that she really is with him, briefly talk to him about the plan of salvation, and get his information as he kisses my hand and just whispers, "thank you... thank you..." miracles happen when you talk to everyone!
This week I have learned a LOT about humility. I have been humbled over and over and over again on my mission and this week was particularly humbling. I was finally seeing some of my weaknesses clearly for the first time and I realized how merciful God truly is to His INCREDIBLY imperfect children, we. are. nothing. NOTHING. but to Him we are EVERYTHING. We are His entire work and Glory (moses 1:39).  we are His children, and he truly wants us to return and live with Him again. His perfect plan has brought me more peace and joy this week than anything else. I KNOW that my family is eternal, I KNOW that God lives, I know that the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints is the lord's church once again restored to the earth. I Love this sweet work and I am so grateful for the merciful hand of the Savior that allows this work to move forward miraculously despite our human weaknesses and imperfections. I am so grateful for this beautiful opportunity that I have to be a part of this great work. I love you all.
keep it real and keep the faith
sister kennedy

The Field Is Ready To Harvest... LETTER FROM MAY 11, 2015

My brothers and sisters, what an incredibly miraculously week. This
email will be a short one since we were able to SKYPE YESTERDAY. And
holy smokes how stinking fantastic was that? I love and miss my cute
fam. What a tender mercy to see all their cute faces... And holy
smokes, I'm now the 3rd tallest... Let's pray I'm not the 4th by the
time I come home! Hahaha I just love you so much!

We got 6 new investigators this week which was an absolute miracle...
Obedience brings blessings and man they were pouring down the last few
days.  We are loving it!

We had an incredible lesson last night with Godwin and his roommate
Emmanuel (also from Ghana) and we taught them the entire plan of
salvation, the beginning of the gospel of the Jesus Christ, the word
of wisdom, keep the sabbath day holy, and tithing. And it was
INCREDIBLE. They were loving it and asking SO MANY wonderful inspired
questions. We were able to talk to them all about the purpose behind
real intent and godly sorrow, as well as the gift of repentance and
how it brings us closer to God. Godwin told us that we were the first
people who had ever been able to answer his questions about repentance
and life after death clearly. He was just beaming. It was such a
miracle. He even went on to say, "I hope you know you 2 aren't just
friends, you are my gifts from God". It was so so so great. :)

Tony was our other miracle this week, an incredible guy from Texas
that has an incredible desire to know truth, he is just a miracle in
and of itself. We have met twice and as we taught him the plan of
salvation he was starting to get emotional as he realized that he
could see his loved ones who have passed on again, so wonderful.

I want to leave you with my testimony that I KNOW God lives, I know he
sent his sons to die for us and that he completed that task fully and
perfectly in order for us to live again. I know that because he lives
we all have second chances. I know that this work we are all a part of
is everlasting and life changing. I know that God is longing for the
salvation of all of his children and that we each have a critical
responsibility to share His love with everyone around us. I am so
grateful for the scriptures and for the inspiration and revelation
that comes from feasting on their words. I'm grateful for the courage
of prophets and apostles in the past that have prepared the way for
the truth to come forth in these latter days. I'm grateful for an
almighty God who has never ceased to speak to His children nor ever
will cease to speak to His children. I never knew or understood that
being a representative of Him would be so life changing. I never
understood HOW MANY PEOPLE there are out here waiting to learn of and
grow in their understanding of Christ and what He did for each and
every one of us. I am so incredibly grateful for this knowledge and
these blessings that have shaped who I am and continue to shape who I
am. I know that when we put God first all other things fall into their
proper place or drop out of our lives. I love you all. I love this
incredibly inspired work. I love the people of Washington DC, I love
the gospel of Jesus Christ and I love my Savior and Redeemer who I owe
my life to. Of these things I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ,

Keep it real and keep the faith

Sister Kennedy

This Is The Life...LETTER FROM MAY 4, 2015

BROTHERS AND SISTUHSSSS. miracles are so real that it literally baffles me. This week was so incredibly miraculous.
the funny:
we heard SO MUCH about "the fight" this week (for those of you also on missions and oblivious to this, there was a HUGE boxing match this weekend) that I almost started relating the gospel to Merriwether aka "money" and his "money team"
after stake conference saturday night our ward mission leader happened to right next to us the whole drive home and we had our ward mission corrrelation at every red light we hit through the windows hahahahaha. (PS there will be a selfie to come)
I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE WITH ANDY AND MICHELLE THIS WEEK (more details to come) and in the waiting area there was this woman who must have been close to 100 who told us that before she dies she wants to get her drivers license. however, she has to have 40 hours of driving before she gets it and her husband wont take her out to drive so she bought a driving lawn mower that she drives around her yard just so she can get her license hahahahaha
so a couple of weeks ago I told you all about a sweet man named Kareem that we met on the street who had just lost his job, his house, and basically everything else he possessed and he is trying to care for his wife and 2 children, with one on the way. Well we were supposed to have a lesson with them a couple of weeks ago that didnt pan out so we set up another one, well come to find out they are living in an apartment building that we had tracted just weeks earlier and the woman they are living with had yelled at us to leave after we tried to teach her. We knocked on the door and she answered less than thrilled, and kareem wasnt home. discouraged we went to go tract some apartments down the street (sidenote they live across the street from TC Williams High School, the high school from Remember The Titans, way cool). As we were walking, there was a bus that had just stopped and out popped kareem! We ran over to him and he lit up as he apologized that he wasnt home earlier and he asked us to come by the next day... well the next day we couldnt get ahold of him but we felt we should go so we grabbed some cookies for the kids and walked over. On our way, Kareem randomly popped out of a gas station and started talking to us. He was getting emotional as he was telling us how grateful he was that we have been so persistent with him and his family and how grateful he was to see so much light and joy in us when we talk to him about Christ. We didnt get the chance to meet with his family because they moved to maryland this weekend but we planted a seed that will surely sprout as Christ continues to work in their lives. I am so grateful to have met this sweet family and I am so grateful for the incredible lessons they taught me about FAITH and love no matter what the circumstances may be.
We had a lesson with Nick this week about the plan of salvation that went really well! He is just a total miracle. He is always a little hesitant at first but as we talk to him more and more about the gospel he lights up and he realizes how much god loves him. This time he LOVED what we talked about as we backed everything up with the bible and the book of mormon together. It was incredible to see how much that helped clear everything up for him. The scriptures are SO AMAZING
We street contacted King Street this week which is a really intimidating and hard area to contact but it was way cool to see the miracles that come when you face your fears, we gave out 2 Book of Mormons and at least 30 cards in 40 minutes and it was awesome.
We have been running into TONS of people from the Middle East lately which has led to a lot of very interesting conversation and discussion. last night we taught a guy from Saudi Arabia for 2 hours about WHY we believe in Jesus Christ and why our faith in him can lead us back to God. It was a really challenging lesson, but it was so cool to feel the spirit witness to us and to him about the role of Jesus Christ and WHY we need a Savior and a Redeemer to lead and guide us. Unfortunately he was only in town for a week and is going back to school today so we wont be able to teach him again, BUT we did get his contact info to send missionaries to him in Georgia (the state). so awesome
We also had an AWESOME lesson with Jean this week about the importance of BELIEVING and how that leads us to come closer to Christ. for those of you who remember, Jean is the one we had on date that didnt end up getting baptized... It was way cool though meeting with him this week and seeing where he feels his relationship with Christ is. He is finally WILLING to make his doubts beliefs and we are SO HAPPY. He is and will always be one of my best friends and I love it.
ANDY AND MICHELLE WENT TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK. for those of you who dont remember, Andy was one of the first people I was able to teach in Kingstowne and Michelle is his wife who was less-active until Andy started investigating. He was baptized in October and they are literally 2 of my favorite humans ever. They were easily the 2 hardest people to say goodbye to in Kingstowne.  But lucky for me sister Malufau gave me a call Friday night telling me that Andy and Michelle were going to do baptisms on Saturday and they wanted me to go! So we got it all figured out and it was INCREDIBLE. Andy was able to be baptized and confirmed for his father who passed away a year and a half ago and we were all in tears as you could just feel his father's spirit there. It was incredible. It was also awesome because they are moving in 2 weeks to California so I was able to see them one last time. It was just amazing.
Then we found Godwin :) So Friday night we had NO CLUE what to do when we realized the people we wanted to check on lived in an area where we couldn't park at unless it was Saturday (which is so lame) and so we just started driving. While we were driving, we decided to tract a random apt building with no success... then we street contacted with no success... and then we decided that we would go across the street to tract some other apartments. While we were walking to the building we wanted to knock, there was a guy (surprise surprise, no females EVER want to talk to us) off in the distance cleaning his car. We walked over and I looked at sister davis and said, "you got this one". She said hi a few times before he heard us and then he turned to us and stood up... holy tall, ripped, black man with WAY too much swag to handle. A little baffled by his beauty and 'coolness" level we awkwardly started a conversation and he was SO ready to hear what we had to say. He agreed to let us come back the next day and talk to him... fast forward to saturday... he was waiting for us!! (always a good sign) and we had an AWESOME lesson about the restoration. He told us he had a mormon friend in Ghana who helped change his life when he realized he needed to come closer to God, so he said that when he saw us he was so happy that God had helped us come talk to him. He is absolutely incredible and we have another lesson set up with him tonight. sidenote: he has 2 roommates that are his age and from Ghana that he said he will invite to our lessons #hollah
I have been humbled SO much this week as I have learned about seeking out "the one" rather than trying to convert every single human that I see. Of course we still talk to everyone and we still do what we can to bring everyone unto the fold of God, but when we leave the 99 and seek out the 1 as Christ did that is when we are really radiating the light of Christ... There is no way that Sister Kennedy can convert every one in DC (as much as I hate to admit that, its true) and I am not supposed to. This is such a beautiful work, and although we want to flood the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we alone cant be the flood, we all need to leave our own trickle, and together we will create the flood. I love this sweet work. I love this incredible area. I love my RAD companion. and I LOVE my Savior Jesus Christ. I KNOW this church is true and I know that the messages we share as missionaries truly change lives. I love it.
keep it real and keep the faith
sister kennedy

No Unhallowed Hand Can Stop The Work From Progressing...LETTER FROM APRIL 27, 2015

Brothers and Sisters. man, it has been quite the week! So many miracles and blessings that are raining down each and every day. may I start this week by praising my incredible companion who has taught me SO much that I literally dont know where to start. Sister Davis has TRULY TRULY TRULY changed my eternitites. I am so incredibly blessed and grateful to not only call her a beloved companion but a dear friend and really a sister. I will never be able to thank her enough for her wonderful example to me of love, service, hard work, patience, and peace. I love love love sister davis.
the funny:
sister davis and I have bikes that we have been riding this week and it has been a dream. however, the first night we rode them was my first experience bike riding in a skirt... It was quite disastrous and I think I fell over close to 5 times and the wind was so bad that it was blowing my skirt practically up to my face. I thought sister davis was going to DIE she was laughing so hard hahahaha
We got lost on the military base for a solid 30 minutes a few nights ago because after 9 pm there is only one gate you can get out of and no signs as to HOW to get there... it was an interesting evening.... hahhaa
We had regional conference yesterday and the woman sitting behind us was singing all of the hymns a half step below and was a half bar behind and was BELTING it, it was taking everything in me not to fall over with laughter.
So last week Nick dropped us (again) and it was WAY hard. We were really sad about it and really seeking the Lord's will on our next steps with him... after zone conference on monday sister davis had a sudden impression to check on nick, so we did! but he wasnt at work and we couldnt find his house... so we called him and to our pleasant surprise he answered, told us he was at the library, and agreed to meet with us that day. Excited, we drove over there and had a lesson with him regarding our purpose as missionaries and why what we do is important. In the end, it came down to us being bold with him and really letting him know that what we teach is the truth and that it will bring him closer to God. He agreed to meet with us later in the week if we agreed to study and answer his questions... so we did and we met with him later. (sidenote: I have been sick the last 2 weeks and the day we agreed to meet with him again was one of the WORST days for my health). we got to the lesson and we started teaching him and I could feel my brain slipping, i was not feeling good at all and as hard as I was trying to focus, I was just SO tired that It was just not working. then in the middle of something I was saying Nick interrupts and says, "sister kennedy. you arent glowing like you usually are. I miss that, you are usually radiating with love". It was the sweetest/saddest thing ever and I assured him that by our next lesson I would be as good as new. We finished the lesson and HE was GLOWING with the light of Christ. He is so elect, we are hoping to get him on date this week.
We also taught 4 muslims this week. it was probably one of the most intimidating things I have witnessed on my mission. we run into a TON of muslims but they never agree to meet with us so we were really surprised that they not only agreed, but also were looking forward to it. It was an incredibly sad thing to witness talking to these 4 Young Single Adults who dont believe that there is a Savior that has made the way possible for them to return to God. The Spirit shifted everytime they would try to testify to us that what they know it true and then we would testify of what we know to be true. It was such an amazing eyeopener to me to SEE how TRULY blessed I am to have the gospel of Jesus Christ to GUIDE and DIRECT me every day of my life. I cant imagine my life without my Savior who loves me and YOU so much that he has literally taken on every hard thing that I have/am/ever will experience. the blessings of this gospel are so far reaching that I will never be able to comprehend them all but man am I grateful for them. These 4 YSAs want us to come back again to teach them more about HOW the Book of Mormon can answer the questions of their hearts and I am so excited to see how the spirit will speak to them.
We had zone conference this week and I learned so much about how our Faith in Christ is truly what will lead us to succeed and to find peace and joy in this life. I am so grateful that I have been given weaknesses in this life to teach me to more fully rely on my Savior. I am so grateful for the trials and tests we are given that can either DEFINE us or REFINE us. I am so blessed to see the atonement of Jesus Christ change the lives of so many every single day. I am so grateful to be blessed with a body that is able to sacrifice and dedicate time to the Lord. I am so blessed to be a member of this perfect, restored church that truly is led by Christ. I love this work. I love this gospel. and I LOVE each of you.
keep it real and keep the faith
sister kennedy

                                                               Us being crazy!

                                                              Sister Williams and I

                                                         All of us crazy roommates!!

                                             Private tour of the Capitol Building!

                                                                           My desk

                                                    With my new comp Sister Wheeler!

                                                                On the 4th of July!!

                            In some dresses that this cute lil old lady in our ward gave us!