Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finding Prepared Hearts...

Finding Prepared Hearts...

Hello fam! It's been a WILD week full of surprises and miracles!

The Funny:
The relief society president found out I'm a hip hop dancer (her
daughter is a dancer and we were immediately besties) and now it is
her quest to get me to dance for her before I get transferred... That
being said, every night when we go to dinner, the members will
casually slide in "oh and I heard one of you is a dancer!" Hahaha she
has been calling everyone who is feeding us and telling them that I'm
a dancer and to have music playing when we get there so I can show
them my moves 😂😂

We teach English class twice a week because of the large population of
middle eastern people in the area who can't speak English and one of
our students somehow got the impression that I am John F Kennedy's
niece. He has been telling all the other students this and because
they can't understand English well, I can't explain to them that
that's not actually true so they WORSHIP me. Hahaha

Remember the old lady in our Ward who gave us the beautiful dresses
last week? She came up to us at church on Sunday and told us she has 2
skirts and 3 jumpers that she's bringing to us next week... So get
pumped folks. Sister Morrow style at its finest....

We had a lesson with part member family this week that was INCREDIBLE.
The father and one of the daughters is a member but the older daughter
is not. We met them for frozen yogurt and had an AWESOME time with
them. The father got baptized 35 years ago and after our lesson, he
looked at us and said, "Sisters, that's the most I have ever read from
the Book of Mormon since I was baptized!" We also can committed them
all to read a chapter a day this week and to pray about it and they
were so excited! Especially the daughter who is not a member, we are
so grateful that we are connecting with her, she has been taught for 2
years and she's never committed to read!!! We are so excited!

There is this sweet family we sat next to last Sunday that is awesome.
They signed up to feed us later that week (which is awesome because in
the 2 years they have lived here they have never had the missionaries
over due to some bad experiences in the past) and when we were there
the wife was telling us that the family they live with (they live in a
basement of a home) is a family that SHE taught on her mission in
California! They never got baptized and they have lived here for years
with minimal if any missionary contact, we are stopping by tomorrow
afternoon and we are SO EXCITED. Miracles happen when you gain the
members trust!!

We were having a particularly hard night one night where we were just
getting railed on right and left and I was not having it, I said a
prayer and asked God to send us to the prepared people we were
supposed to find that night... We were tracting and after a while we
were going to a different complex and we saw a young guy sitting in
his van. So of course we creepily tap on the window and he looks up,
lights up, and opens the door! He says, "sisters! What a coincidence!
I am Nyambayar and I just moved here from Mongolia 2 weeks ago! I got
baptized 6 years ago and I have been less active but I want to go to
church here and I didn't know how to find you!" OK SWEET. THEN he
tells us he's living with a nonmember family that he wants us to start
teaching! OK SWEET. We swap information and find out that he's In a
different stake... So we give those elders a call. They answered the
phone a little sad and we told them the good news! They got SO EXCITED
and told us that they had been praying for miracles and we're feeling
like nothing was going their way until we gave them a call. It's such
a great feeling to be an answer to someone else's prayer!

Meanwhile... Sister Wheeler started talking to a couple walking past
our car. I wasn't paying much attention so when I hung up the phone I
just walked over and started talking to the woman. BASICALLY SHES
INCREDIBLE. They are from the Middle East but are not practicing any
religion, they had gone to a Christian church once before and loved it
and wanted to come to ours! YAY! Unfortunately, they weren't feeling
good Sunday morning so they cancelled BUT we are going to lunch with
them on Thursday and we are PUMPED

THEN on Sunday the elders had 6 investigators at church #what. It was
incredible. Miracles are happening in this Ward!!

Sunday night we got a referral from the Chinese elders that we went
and checked on with no answer so we started knocking doors and met
Jessie! SO MIRACULOUS. She answered the door, we started talking, and
within 5 minutes she agreed to be baptized. It was incredible. We will
be passing her to the hermanas this week probably (Spanish is her
first language) and we are so excited for her!

I know the Lord is preparing hearts here in Oak Marr. I know that the
work will more forward no matter the circumstance. I know that this
truly is God's work and That His hand is he only thing guiding this
sweet work. I'm so grateful to be "counted worthy to suffer shame for
[the Savior's] name." - Acts 5:41 the mission truly is a miracle.
Thank you for all the love and support. I love you all more than you

Keep it real and keep the faith

Sister Kennedy

We got to go to the zoo today!!

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