Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy Day, All is Well...

So! We got lost in DC today. And lost sister Liu on the metro. And
didn't get home until late. And have not had wifi hahaha - so here's
to the shortest email of forever! And sorry I didn't respond to like
anyone :/

God is at the head! John's getting baptized this weekend. Holy smokes
he is SO PREPARED. I am so excited for His baptism! He is the

We are teaching some RAD part member families in Leesburg that are SO
ROCKIN! And are totally on the road to baptism. It nearly rips my
heart out to think that I won't be here to watch them all progress,
but then I remember that this work is not about me and never has been.
That God knows best. And that His purposes will always always be

And we got 8 referrals this week! Asking from everyone WORKS. It's remarkable.

We had stake conference this week and it was SO REVELATORY. Wow. I was
in tears like the whole time. This really is Christ's church and He is
at the head of it. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love His Work.
I love His children. I am so so grateful for the time that I have to
serve here in this part of the vineyard!!

This is super short, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right?
:) enjoy! Love you all!
Keep it real and keep the faith!
Sister Kennedy

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Spirit of God

Holy smokes brothers and sisters - the miracles literally never cease.

This has been easily the busiest week of my mission. We are out the
door by 10 AM and not back until 9:15-9:30 pm. No breaks, no hour long
lunch, and no time to waste. We are ALL IN and holy smokes we are
seeing the fruits of our efforts right and left

I (like usual) don't have much time, so I'm skipping to what's most important

So last week in Shenandoah YSA we had a guy named John show up. We
talked with him after church, found out he was golden, and set up a
return appointment. Well we had that lesson this week. We taught the
restoration and had 2 ROCKIN members there who testified of truth and
of the love of God. We invited John to be baptized on February 27th
and with tears in his eyes, he asked us why. We told him that God had
revealed that date to us and we knew he could be ready by that day. He
went on to tell us how that day has remarkable significance in his
life, and that no one knows that. Not a soul. But he knew that God
knew it, that God was aware of him and knew he could be ready for
baptism by that day. Needless to say, he agreed. And John is getting
baptized in 2 weeks :)

Theo is another investigator we are teaching that is remarkable. He
has been taught for a long time and has many concerns about baptism.
We have taught him twice as a companionship and I don't think I have
been so bold with anyone in my life. He is SO prepared, he just
doesn't see it. We are certain he can be baptized within the next
couple of weeks. We came home after a lesson one night this week and
pled with God to know how to help him... We invited all the sisters
who have taught him to join with us in a fast on his behalf this last
Sunday. Let me tell ya, we received some marvelous revelation. We have
a lesson with him tonight that we are SO excited about. He is SO
prepared and I know that God is ready for him. What a beautiful thing
to be a part of. I love it

The Leesburg Ward is just incredible. I can not begin to describe the
depth of my gratitude toward them for all that they do for us and how
much they love the Lord. They are all at our aid at the drop of a hat.
They want this work to hasten just as much if not more than we do.
I've never seen anything like it. SO COOL.

There is a woman we are teaching in Leesburg who has been wanting the
sisters to sing her Amazing Grace for the last few Months. We got the
lyrics and were able to sing it to her this week and I wish you could
have seen her face light up and the tears stream down her cheeks as we
sang. Such a beautiful experience.

I also gave a talk on Sunday - first time I've been asked to give a
talk on my mission! Haha it was interesting because it was one of the
few times in my life I actually prepared and I stood up there and I
didn't talk about anything I had prepared... the spirit completely
took over. It was one of the most nerve wracking but powerful
experiences I've had. I felt like a TRUE vessel for the Lord.

Lately, I have been reflecting a lot on what it really means to be a
disciple of Christ. I have been noticing the small and simple things.
Like what a privilege it is to wear Christ's name on my chest, or how
wonderful it is to see someone accept a copy of the Book of Mormon, or
how miraculous it is for someone to text us back to confirm an
appointment! God really is at the head. I have complete faith in His
work and His glory. I know that as His disciple, I have a sacred
obligation to honor Him at all times and in all things and in all
places. I know that Jesus is the Christ. And I never want to miss an
opportunity to bear witness of that truth. The spirit of God is real,
and when His spirit touches hearts, hearts are changed. That change is
the most miraculous thing I have witnessed on my mission. Something I
will forever cherish deep within my heart now and for all of eternity.
What a marvelous time to be a part of this sacred work. I love the
Lord. I love His work. And I Love His children.

Keep it real and keep the faith

Sister Kennedy

                                                            HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

                                                                MORE VALENTINES!

                   Me and my two amazing comps!  Sister Winterton and Sister Archibald!
                                        Our awesome ward mission leader and his cute wife!!

Monday, February 8, 2016

God is at the Head!

I dont even know where to start! life has been absolutely insane and I don't have much time to email! this week I have felt the hand of the Lord more than at any given point of my life. He has directed every move, he has guided every step, and he has inspired every decision. My sweet sweet Sister Makowa made her journey back to Africa this week. It has been a long and fruitful 7 months for her in the mission field and she fought hard to the end. she flew out Friday afternoon and I think a part of my heart flew out with her. I am so grateful for the time I spent with her and the work that we were able to accomplish together. she is remarkable and will forever be one of my dearest friends. 

Saturday, we had a baptism. talk about stress. luckily we put it in the Lord's hands and miracles poured down. peter is one of the most prepared people EVER. he bore his testimony on the power of prayer and about God and His work and I am certain there was not a dry eye in the room. he knows these things are true and he will not deny the power of God. The spirit was undeniable. I am so grateful for His faith and trust in the Lord and His love. it was miraculous.

I am now in a trio covering 2 wards (1 of which being ANOTHER YSA ward #round3) and we are totally and completely BOOKED. always. we are SO busy that its insane. 

we had a member bring a nonmember friend to church who has already read up to enos in the book of Mormon, begins and ends his day with a conference talk, already has a trip planned for October conference, asked for sundays off from work because he felt it was right, and we are teaching him this week. HE IS INCREDIBLE.

then had another investigator bear his testimony in sacrament meeting on the power of the Savior and the truthfulness of the book of Mormon! OK! HELLO ROCKSTAR. 

And the lord is just plopping people in our laps to be taught. the members here are remarkable and want to help us with anything and everything that we need. the work here is hastening like I have never seen before. we have an FHE tonight in which 3 members are bringing nonmember friends to meet us. nothing short of miraculous. 

I am So blessed to be here at this time with these people in this part of the vineyard. amidst all the turmoil, strife, and confusion, I have never been so certain that God has a plan for all of His children. Christ is at the center of that plan. He would never ever leave any of us alone to wander and dwindle in unbelief. I leave you my simple but earnest witness that Jesus really is the Christ. the Savior and Redeemer of Mankind. God is our Loving father in heaven. He is here. he knows us, he feels us, he cares about us. We are His work and His glory.  We are the center of His heart and He is here during the good and the bad to lift our broken hearts, to carry our heavy burdens, and to remind us of our infinite and eternal purposes here on earth. Of these things I testify with every inch and cranny of my being. I know these things to be true and I am humbled that I have been called and set apart to preach them to all the end of the earth.

God is at the head. 

keep it real and keep the faith 
sister kennedy
                                                                  Baptism for Peter!

                                                                       My new comps!