Monday, September 8, 2014


IM HEEEEEERE! In good ol' Alexandria Virginia! SUCH A BEAUTIFUL
PLACE!! But before I get into it, let's start from the beginning....
So the MTC WAS BOMB. I was so sad but so pumped to leave! Saying
goodbye to the 6 elders in my district that didn't come to VA ( they
are serving in Cleveland OH) was THE WORST! I cried my brains out!!!
And the next morning, I walked into the classroom to find 10 letters
written to me from them, and 4 other elders that were in our zone that
went to Fort Collins! It was literally the sweetest thing on EARTH! I
couldn't believe it! So incredible! The next morning, we flew out to
DCCCCC!!!! Whoooo!! In the airport, we got to call home:) a
wonderful/VERY emotional time for me and every other sister missionary
there.  I am so glad I got to talk to the fam though! It was SO NICE!
Even if the boys were like 90% asleep... Haha we had a 3-hour layover
in Minneapolis and Sister Williams and I decided to get some work
done!!! We saw a lady who looked somewhat lost so we grabbed her bags
for her and tired to help her out. We talked about where she was going
and such, and so quickly her attitude shifted from being annoyed with
us to being RELIEVED. She was so happy we could help her! Then I,
being the loser I am hahaha, was trying to help her get out aaaaand I
took an exit that was only for security. Hahahaha but no one told me
that! So we got screamed at and pushed back out the door by this mean
woman who then told another security guard to help us. He was mad and
then I started talking to him. I asked him how he was doing, how he
liked it here in Minneapolis, etc. he quickly softened up and then
stopped. Looked at me, and said, " wow. I wish I could tell you much
much I respect you. The way you are dressed is not normal around here.
Being covered up is so respectable and you are doing an incredible job
of it. So thank you." I WAS IN SHOCK! I didn't even know what to say!
I thanked him and then we went our separate ways. We continued to meet
more people, give them pass along cards, and just tell people about
Christ. THEN! We got to DCCCC!! My mission president and his wife are
INCREDIBLE. They are such good examples to me of sooooo many things. I
love them so much already and I am so grateful for everything they do.
We stayed at the mission home for a night and then we got up the next
day and got our COMPANIONS!!! Aaaaaand I have 2!!!! Whaaaaa!? Yeah.
It's real. 2 trainers! President Riggs said it was so bizarre, he just
felt like it was the right thing to do for us 3. THEY ARE SO GREAT! I
am learning SO SO SO MUCH from both of them and I feel so blessed to
be their trainee. Sister Taylor is BOLD. MAN. That girl will give a
Book of Mormon to ANYONE who crosses our path. I look up to her so so
so much. She keeps me wanting to be better and better. Sister Schooley
is just incredible. She has such a strong spirit and truly loves
people. She has such good relationships with everyone. She is so
wonderful, and SO SWEET! The first night in KINGSTOWNE (where I am
currently serving) we went a saw a less active and we taught her for a
while. She looked at me during the lesson and said " you are SHARP!
Wow! How long have you been in the field?" I told her it was my first
day and she couldn't believe it! She's such a sweet lady :) then as we
were leaving, her friend stopped by, who is from Ethiopia, and she was
darling. She is VERY religious and said, " you guys have such a good
cause! If there is anything you guys want to give me to read or
Anything that will bring me closer to God, I will take it" LIKE
WHUUUUUT!? So I pulled out my book of morning and gave it to her. She
was thrilled! I LOVE HER. We have 4 other people on date to be

Here in Kingstowne it's pretty ghetto. Hahaha THERE ARE NO WHITE
PEOPLE. Im serious. Like I knew it would be diverse, but there's no
white people. Haha if we knock on a door and I white person answers
I'm sure surprised. I also don't get facebook for 3 more weeks :) we
do have ipads. That's what I'm using now :) they are OUR LIFE. It's
the only thing we take with us everywhere. We drive a brand new Subaru
legacy and it's way nice! we got to go to the temple visitors center
on Saturday and it was MAJESTIC. I loved it! So much greatness and
glory!!! I will try to send pics. But if not... Next week' it's been
so so so good! The ward is GREAT and everyone is so loving. Keep
praying for me, I need it!
God is great, life is good, and the church is true.
Sister Kennedy

HERE ARE SOME PICS!!!!  Isn't the DC temple unbelievably gorgeous???!!!

 With some investigators at the temple

 Another awesome investigator :)

 Sister Kennedy and her companions!

 makin some delish pancakes

 With the branch president

 And his cute wife!

 All the letters from the Elders who left the MTC that were in her zone

More pics from the MTC  :)

 With Sestra Holland!!!

 With Sestra Holland!!!!

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  1. It just looks way too fun!! Sister Kennedy you are amazing!!