Monday, September 22, 2014

The miracles will NEVER cease!

I love my life.  I am so serious. the mission life is the best life. I feel so much love and joy that I have NEVER felt before. The people we meet and teach are so incredible and change my life more than I ever thought possible. I AM SO BLESSED!!! starting with last Monday... We went to DC!!! yay! We got to tour the library of congress! on our way there we met this guy from Indiana who is Mormon so he took a selfie with us. hahaha way funny. we have some RAD pics from the big city, I will send them.  DC is gorgeous.  I loved it there! While we were there these 3 guys from Taiwan asked to take a picture with us. Not have us take the picture, be IN the picture... so we did. and then all of these men like FLOODED in. it was us and like 12 men from Taiwan. SO FUNNY. I will send it ;) we got it on our camera too! haha we also went to the botanical garden! it was SO RAD! AHHHH! I was pumped about that...
The rest of the week was equally as rad ( I use that word WAY too much, and the elders in my zone make fun of me Constantly for that haha).  we had district meeting, which was SUPER good. We talked about teaching by the spirit and as we practice taught, we were paired up with someone in the district.  I am the newest missionary and I was super nervous and our district leader was like, "Sister Kennedy! you can be my partner!" ahhhh!!! I thought I was gonna die, I was SO nervous. But I think I did good! He was talking about me to my comps, all good things of course haha, its probably just because of my good looks though... because you should see my sweet greasy hair and sweaty skin in this humidity. its so attractive. hahaha. 
I am just learning SO MUCH HERE! we went on exchanges this week, so one of my sister training leaders was my companion for the day, sister Udall, she is GREAT.  and we had so much fun together! I learned a lot! we tracted AND got a new investigator!!! AHHH! I was so pumped! we also cleaned this ladies house and she was a hoarder... but not just a hoarder you couldn't see the floor... it was so sad and we took out 15 bags of trash, it didn't even look like we made a dent! She was very grateful though, and she was a DARLING woman. We also went to dinner with a family that just moved here for Colorado Springs :) It was nice to feel at home for a second haha.
ALSO! there is a man in our ward who grew up in FARMINGTON NEW MEXICO! and his daughter is serving a mission in California and is serving in LIZZIE BLACKS HOME WARD!! WHAT!? yeah. its true. so so so rad. 
one of my FAVORITE Things about DC is the culture and diversity... ALL of the Africans always say "no problem!" to whatever we say... its the best. they love us and are always hugging us... "oh yes, come teach us, no problem! no problem!" soooo great!
MY FIRST BAPTISM IS THIS WEEK!!! SATURDAY!!! A FAMILY!!!! a father and his 2 sons :) we are SO SO SO EXCITED!!! they are from Ghana and just so wonderful.  they are progressing so much and they are so excited to be baptized into the lords church :)
Miracle of the week:
so we were going to visit some members Saturday night when we had this feeling to go check on Anju, one of our progressing investigators. So we headed that way.  We got there and she was not in a good mood.  she is from India so sometimes it is hard to understand her and she couldn't really explain her feelings.  She told her kids to go upstairs, and just broke down into sobs as she told us she was getting kicked out of her home and she doesn't have a stable enough job to afford anywhere else.  Her ex-husband is abusive and has been horrible to her and her children.  She misses her family who are all in India, and she feels like everyone's life would be better if she was dead.  In that instant my mouth just opened... and I cant really remember what I said, but I bore testimony of the power of family and of motherhood and how much God loves her.  I started crying with her and my companions started crying. the spirit filled the room and we told her how important her role was on this earth.  She immediately lightened up and you could see her eyes fill with hope and love for her Savior and his Atonement.  I am so grateful for the power of the spirit and how it can work through us if we will let it. 
This restored gospel is so true. I am so grateful for its power and for the knowledge I have of my Savior and his sacrifice for me!
keep it real and keep the faith,
sister kennedy
PS mom I have zero clothes haha if you want to send me a dress or two that would be WONDERFUL

Here are the pics of the week!  DC was incredible!!!!  

One of my Sister training leaders for the day... Sister Udall

In front of the Capitol Building!

The Library of Congress


Us being artsy!

Artsy again :)

On the steps at the Library of Congress

Me and my cute comps with our thank you letters to people in out ward!


going to the ward campout with our serious faces!

Us at the campout!

My 1 month mark!!  So we celebrated with having some FroYo!

Sister Schooley, Sister Kennedy and Sister Taylor :)

We ate the treats we made for a Sunday school class!

Sister Schooley and I in front of the mission home!

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  1. Just love reading your blog Elli...keep it up! Also, just loved the "Miracle of the week" is so fantastically super cool when that happens! Love you too....keep up the great work! you know Mimi is Sister Sweetin?