Monday, October 13, 2014

The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Loved To Do!

One of the lines of my favorite missionary songs is "The hardest thing I've ever loved to do, is letting go of everything I ever knew."  THOSE are the words of the week.  man its been a week full of MOUNTAINS TO CLIMB!!! So much growth is coming, but we have to be PATIENT! Patience is KEY!
Last Monday, after emailing we went to Dairy Queen. WHile we were in line this woman got in line behind us and asked us who we were and what we did. Sister Schooley started to order and so I talked to her and she looked at me and started to cry as she told me that both of her parents were dying and seeing us gave her hope in God. She knew there was a plan for her parents and she wants us to teach her more about the gospel of Jesus Christ! HOW RAD. such a perfect answer to my prayers

MIRACLES HAPPEN WHEN WE ARE OBEDIENT!!!! We also had transfers this week! and we got to watch MEET THE MORMONS!!! you all need to GO SEE IT!!!! it was so rad! I also saw sistah SWAGGIE Kelly, SIster Williams and ELDER RISENHOOVER!!! For those of you who don't know, I met him when I went through the temple! We went through the same session and found out we were going to the same mission a month and a half apart! so Thursday I saw him for the first time since may! AHHH SO COOL!! He is doing way good!

Also at tranfers, my zone leader got transferred into MY ward!!! yay! he is SO RAD and he is going to help the work progress so much!!! So great!

Not a ton happened this week... we are still being pushed to work with members, so its been a lot of that.  We also pulled weeds this week for a lady in our ward who has dialysis.  and pulling weeds here ROCKS compared to home because it is SO wet! It was literally like the easiest job in the world.  #holler
I also built a shelf yesterday for this older lady in our ward... and it only took 45 minutes.  It was way rad. definitely put that on my resume! hahahha

Anj and Harry came to church yesterday!!! IT WAS SO GOOD! they really liked it! it was anju's first time coming and she seemed to enjoy it! we are going back this week and are going to talk to them more about baptism! I just love this work and the gospel of Jesus Christ, sorry this letter is short this week, we are trying to get to the Arlington Cemetery today :)

I love you all and I am praying for you DAILY!
Roman 5:5-6

I love this work, I love this gospel, I love my savior, and I LOVE being a missionary.

keep it real and keep the faith,

sistahhh kennedy

With Elder Risenhoover and Sister Kelly
 So much Sass!

He can't handle our swag!

 We kept getting made of and we couldn't stop laughing!

 Our last pic with Sister Taylor

 Just call me the navigator!

 I've still got the swaggggg

Us with The Nashville Tribute Band... we are famous!!  ;)

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