Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Miracles!

Brothers and Sisters. holy smokes. I cant even begin to count my blessings, SO SO SO many miracles have occurred this week! I am SO SO SO grateful for this sweet work!

First, I GOT TO SKYPE HOME THIS WEEK!!!! HOLY SMOKES IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! it was so so so fun! It was a perfect boost to remember that I have so many wonderful people standing behind me and lifting me up. I am so blessed to have the foundation that I have thanks to my practically perfect mom and dad. I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH!

Also, the Kingstowne ward is WHERE IT IS AT. SO MANY MEMBERS were calling, texting, stopping by and inviting us over for Christmas, giving us gifts, making sure we weren't missing our families, and just being overall SO wonderful. I am so grateful for their love and kindness. I really felt at home this Christmas and I really felt of the Saviors love through those wonderful members.

The day after Christmas, we had a mission conference... which was SO bittersweet. President Riggs started off by telling us that A NEW MISSION PRESIDENT HAS ALREADY BEEN CALLED. #wut. I thought my heart was going to stop. his name is... DAVID HUNSTMAN. He is 46, a father of 8, from Salt Lake City, and a champ. his brother just ran for president or something like that... and his other brother is the American ambassador for the Chinese embassy, maybe? I don't actually know if that's a real thing... I was kind of in a daze when he was telling us about this. haha But I was SO SAD!!! he comes in July, and I am going to be a bawl baby. President Riggs has already done so much for me and I am SO not ready to see him go! THEN, president told us what our theme for this year is going to be.... drum roll please........... BE. ALL. IN.

holy smokes I am AMPED. He talked a lot about being all here. focusing on NOW and making sure that every ounce of us is centered on the work. I am SO EXCITED. You can feel the strength and the power of the whole mission working toward this goal already and I am SO PUMPED!!! and because of this.... Sister Malufau and I decided to set some high goals and work even harder!!! and guess who got 4 new investigators this week!?!?!? WE DID! SO RAD. Heavenly Father is blessing us SO MUCH! I cant even take it! WE FOUND A FAMILY!! we were tracting in this "hood" (everyone is from the south or Cleveland #Holler) and this lady opened the door with her 2 adorable children and told us to come back the next day! so we did, and MIRACLES happened!!! we taught the entire restoration and she was so happy! so excited! I couldn't even take it, the Lord is preparing her!!! and her kids were even more excited!!!! They are going to read the book of Mormon together and come to church next week! YAY!  

The next day, we were back in the area checking up on someone and right as we got out of the car, the person we were checking on texted us and cancelled. so naturally we were a little frustrated and as we were getting back in the car, the 2 children in the family we found came around the corner! They both just LIT UP and ran over to us and grabbed us! they just kept yelling, " you came back! you came back! are you going to come in and talk to us more?" our hearts just MELTED. it was such a tender moment.

THEN! we found Sheila :) she is this lovely woman from Ghana that we tracted into that we got a return appointment with! We went by and started asking her inspired questions... it was incredible. and then we asked, "so if God appeared to you right now and you could ask him one thing, what would it be?" sidenote: being a missionary, this can be the SCARIEST question to ask because you want to have an answer... so we asked it with confidence and faith that we would know what to tell her... She thought for a second and then said, "why do bad things happen that we don't understand? like my friend who just died last week..." WOW. we looked at her and said "Sheila we have a message for you that we know will help you have peace and comfort" and we shared the plan of salvation with her. She told us that while we taught she felt happy and good in her heart because of the Holy Spirit. IT WAS MIRACULOUS. we are going back next week to teach her more! YAY!!!!

This week was full of miracles! and there are more I just don't have time to write... haha but I do want to share a short message with you from one of my best friends who recently joined the church:

"As a recent convert to the church, I had many experiences in high school searching for happiness, usually only finding the temporary kind. I frequented many parties and learned the right (but very wrong) things to say and do, earning myself a coveted spot in many social circles. 
I was happy. 
Each night I went out with my “friends”, we would laugh and scream and I had fun, however the fun only lasted until we fell asleep. The next morning we’d usually feel sick, recount all the instances in which we made fools of ourselves, and I would always feel a little ashamed and guilty. 
Was I happy?
When I came to BYU, I met incredible people, learned how to have real fun, and, at the end of my freshman year, I joined the church. 
I found my happiness. 
I found true happiness. 
Although many think that religion (or specifically, my religion) will not bring them happiness, ignoring the missionaries and their lessons, it has helped me find happiness and peace in my life. It is also something that has united me with so many people around the world: knowing this happiness, sharing this happiness, and realizing that there are people in every corner of the earth who are experiencing this happiness."

After reading this, I want you all to think about this change she made. It was HUGE. At first she didn't know that she wasn't truly happy. She didn't know she was missing anything. and she didn't know that the church had so much to offer her. I am praying and pleading with each one of you to give this church a chance. Let the Savior work with you. Read the book of Mormon! you will NEVER KNOW if it is right for you unless you try it. Just like anything else in this life, you must give it a chance. I can testify to you that this church will quench the thirst you may not even know you have and eventually it will lead you to that eternal happiness that we all yearn for. Although it way seem restrictive, I promise it will set you free. Although it may seem boring, I can testify you will be anxiously engaged, and although it may not even seem inviting, I know and I have faith that the Lord is waiting with OPEN ARMS to embrace you into His restored Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Brothers and sisters, this work it SO good. The gospel is SO happy. and this Chruch is SO undeniably true. I know it. I live it. and I absolutely LOVE it. of these things I testify, I the beloved and SACRED name of Jesus Christ, amen.

keep keeping it real and keep the faith :)

sister kennedy

 Us being our crazy selves!

 With the Elders

 check out my swagtacular oversized Tee from my fav less-active, sister k. merry Christmas to me.

  Chinese Christmas lunch with sister Ho and sister Wright :)

  teaching the ladies how to take selfies #classy

 me and my hot companion

merry christmassssss! 

 Sister Sportzzzzzzzz

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  1. Sister Kennedy this truly touched my heart! Wow you are an amazing young woman with gifts that touch people's lives! I loved loved the part you shared from Isabella's letter WOW! The part that stood out the most to me was "this church will quench the thirst you never knew you had"! WOW!!!!