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Elli's letters from Nov 23 and Nov 30!

Living With Gratitude Daily... LETTER FROM NOV 30, 2015

Man what a great week!!! Like every other week, but this was was
especially good.

First off SHOUTOUT to Conner leaving for the MTC on Wednesday!!!
Denmark isn't gonna know what hit em. #cantstopwontstop

The funny:
Where do I even start?
Thanksgiving. Old Folks Home. And so it begins
We start the morning off with 3 other sets of sisters at Mary
Marshalls assisted living, it was RAD. We get there and it's started
by making crafts. It rocked. We start feeding them food and I set down
next to this man who is probably 100 and he's staring me down hard
core. a little uncomfortable I say "hi! What's your name??" No
response. I ask again... He yells, "FRED." With this super thick
accent so I ask him where he's from.  He pounds the table and yells
"IM AN AMERICAN!" Alright. Thanks Fred

Then I sit by Linda. She's also about 100 and I start talking with her
when another resident comes up and just starts kissing her like mad.
It was way awkward. I didn't know what to do I just didn't say
anything... And then Linda goes "aww, he always slobbers on me. He
means well" hahahahaha I ask if it's her husband and she goes, "BAH!
You mean Ross? He's got a girlfriend. She just doesn't live here.
She'd be ticked to know about me!" Hahahaha then a few minutes later,
another resident yells "hey Linda! Where's my thanksgiving kiss?"

THEN. I sit next to Jesse. Also like 100, about 6'6" and large enough
to eat me. I start asking him about basketball and we just started
firing back at each other with favorite teams, players, and stats. It
was sweet. Then he goes, "girl how tall are you?" I tell him in
pushing 5'11" and he goes, "oh really? That's how tall my favorite
girlfriends are! Girl I like you" Hahaha thanks Jesse. SO FUNNY.

Also the morning of thanksgiving no one was in the gym so naturally
sister Liu and I decide to choreograph a dance together on the
treadmills to Dancing Queen. It rocked. Then sister Liu decided to get
creative and jump on my treadmill in which we kept on grooving until
we broke the treadmill and it came to a screeching stop. Haha good


rockstar. We had a sweet lesson with her and  she really likened the
scriptures to herself for the first time. It ROCKED.

LAURA IS ON DATE FOR JANUARY 23rd!! She just POURED her heart out to
us in our last lesson, she was meeting with the sisters and stopped
because she didn't think she wanted it and then suddenly she
remembered how she felt and how happy she was when she was coming to
church. She is SO excited for her baptism and we have another lesson

TOREY IS DOING SO WELL TOO. Working toward January 9th. We had such a
good lesson with her this week and she is SO prepared to receive the
gospel. Holy Smokes. She has some INCREDIBLY trying health problems
going on in her life right now, it's insane. But she is seriously such
a trooper and she just pushes forward without any doubt that she is
going to be ok. She got a blessing yesterday and after it was over her
eyes welled up with tears and she said, "I physically felt my burdens
lifted off of my back. I can do this. God is aware of me" it was SO
beautiful and the spirit was so undeniable! AHHHHH it was so great.

Jasmin is also doing great, she came to church again yesterday and to
a fireside last night where she told us she felt the spirit. She kept
saying, "they really know it's true, don't they?" It was adorable. SHE

We also had some MIRACLES tracting this week. We had this incredible
Indian family let us in and feed us. I was feeling SO sick and we had
been knocking doors for what felt like hours. I was ready to drop but
we knocked one more, they let us in, and man what a beautiful sight it
was to see this sweet family nestled together on the couch receiving
the word of God together. I LOVE this work.

There were SO MANY OTHER THINGS that happened this week! But I don't
have time/this is already too long. I love you all more than you know.
Seriously. I pray for you all day and night. I know this is the work
of the Lord. I know He has a plan for all of His children. I know that
the Book of Mormon is the word of God and I know He is preparing His
children to receive this message more and more every single day! What
a marvelous work and a wonder. I love you all!!! :)

Keep it real and keep the faith
Sister Kennedy

Called to Serve Our King... LETTER FROM NOVEMBER 23, 2015
Holy INCREDIBLE week. Wow. Seriously one of the most powerful weeks of
my mission!!! I am so grateful for the miracles that have been

The funny -

We were in DC today and a guy on the street asked me and sister
Langford to do the turkey dance with him before we got back on the
metro in honor of thanksgiving - of course Kevin. Of course we will do
the turkey dance with you.

So Sister Liu gets a prompting to text a bunch of random people in the
phone that we do know... One of them is in the phone as "Investigator
Roger" - promising enough, right? So we text him and ask if we can
meet with him! He responds "yes" - were like SWEET. What time? "Around
3" ALRIGHT!!! Super pumped we ask where we can meet. No response. Ask
again... No response. So we call when it's about 3 and this old
southern woman answers the phone and irritated is like "I have NO idea
who ROGER IS! He is not here! I don't even know him! I'm sorry
sweetheart, there is no roger! And I have no idea who you are. I did
NOT text you" Have no idea who texted us back... So uncomfortable.

We talked to a nice guy on the street and were asking him for
directions. He helped us and we asked what his name was, he goes,
"Kevin! But they call me the big Charlie horse!" Hahahaha we say
goodbye and he yells 10 seconds later, "we better be chillin' later
Kennedy! Girl I like you!" Hahahaha so funny. everyone was starin...

Where to even begin??
had a sweet lesson with her and she just told us she was going to do
it by the end of the year. So we pulled out eh calendar and BOOM. And
she's finished the Book of Mormon by the 16th of December (shoutout to
momma tiff because that's her birthday! HOLLER)

9th!!! Ahhhh!!! We are so so so happy! She's the one from Idaho who
talked with the sisters a few weeks ago. AND today on our metro into
the DC she was on the same train as us! So we were able to teach her
on the way in! It rocked! Gods timing is perfect! She's going to the
visitors center tomorrow with a member and then we have another
lessons Wednesday! SO SWEET - she is GOLDEN and so so excited for her

THEN we have a lesson with jasmin - a member referral who comes to
church every week! She didn't want to learn from us but she thinks we
are "cool" so she agreed to "hang out" which we read the Book of
Mormon! Hahah AND SHE ACCEPTED BAPTISM!!!! Ahhhh!!! We have another
lesson next week where we are going to give her a date! We are SO

THEN SISTER LIU - when she followed the prompting to text people in
our phone texted a former named Laura :) WHAT A MIRACLE. She texted us
back and said she really wanted to come back to church and meet with
us. So she did. IT WAS AWESOME. She came to church, loved it, felt
like everything that was talked about answered her questions and
concerns and we have a lesson tonight. She is SO PREPARED. And we are
going to invite her to be baptized on the 23rd of January! SO SO SO

THEN the sisters in a neighboring family Ward tell us about an
investigator they have who they put on date for January 16th and they
are passing her off to us this week because she is YSA! Ahhhh!!! THE

Sorry for the incredibly over-excessive excitement but man the
miracles are RAINING DOWN! Like usual. I don't have much time but I am
so GRATEFUL for the lord and his bounteous love and mercy this week
and every week! I have a firm and solid testimony that the  lord
really does HASTEN His work in His timing - doctrine and covenants
88:73 and that He LOVES His children - 1 Nephi 11:17 and that His
ENTIRE WORK AND GLORY is to bring about the salvation of His children.
What a MARVELOUS WORK and a Wonder and I am SO grateful to be a part
of it. I LOVE YOU ALL! Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Keep it real and keep the faith
Sister Kennedy
                                                        HERE ARE PICS FROM THE WEEK!!

 Happy Thanksgiving!

                                                     At an Old Folks Home on Thanksgiving!

In D.C. for P-Day!

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