Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!  Elli's letter from Dec 28, 2015
Brothers and Sisters! What a week it has been! We are way busy today
so I won't have much time to reply to anyone individually/this might
be a little short

Last night we were tracting and this Hispanic man kept insisting that
sister Liu and I should just come inside. He was with his 2 sons and
"had only been drinking a little" hahaha his speech was super slurred
so he was hard to understand and sister Liu had no idea what was going
on. So suddenly she's like, "ok you want to watch a Christmas video?
Great!" Hahaha and starts playing a savior is born. It rocked. He then
told us "I don't need missionaries who speak English, I need you!" As
he wouldn't let go of my hand as we were shaking his hand goodbye
hahah so awkward

We had a lesson with a less active girl from India who always sends us
home with MOUNDS of crazy Indian food. This time it was this crazy egg
curry thing that she sent home with us in a Hooters bag. Hahaha
knocking doors with a hooters bag in my hand. So uncomfortable.

We had this sweet less active Family invite us over for Christmas
dinner where they made creamed corn and orange rolls. And I got
emotional because I was so happy to have my 2 favorite Christmas
foods. Super embarrassing but such a tender mercy. Haha

Miracles -
this afternoon and then she is having her interview tonight. She isn't
feeling very confident in her date as of right now so we are praying
that she will receive more answers and confirmations as it grows
closer. She. Is. So. Prepared. Man I wish she could see herself
through our eyes!!! She is right there she is just backed up to a wall
of faith and we have to trust that she will use her agency wisely.

Torey is incredible. Oh my gosh. That girl continues to baffle me. She
causally let us know that she got every Sunday of 2016 off from work
so that she can come to church. She has been reading her scriptures
more regularly, praying, and coming to church. She is SO excited for
the 9th and she has this incredible glow about her because of her
excitement. I LOVE Torey and I'm so grateful for her.

Laura is also a rockstar. Just on fire. So pumped for the 16th and not
letting anything stop her from getting there. She knows it's true and
her testimony radiates from her. The change I have seen in that girl
is incredible. SO incredible.

Jasmin is remarkable. I don't even know what else to say. We had a
lesson with her on Tuesday and we could feel a difference in her since
the last time we met. She's been praying! Daily! And she was telling
about how coming to America and coming to church has changed her
perspective on her habits she had back home. She wants to be better
and she wants the changes that she's made since coming here to stay
with her for when she goes home. INCREDIBLE. I love her SO much and
I'm so excited to see all that the lord has in store for her!

We found a lot of promising people this week that we are SUPER excited
to follow up with and see again this upcoming week! Christmas miracles
are real!

Lastly, we got a prompting to go check on a less active last night who
hasn't responded to us in weeks (nearly months). As we were driving up
we saw him walking on the road and so we quickly parked and ran. Of
course just as we get out of the car it starts POURING. HARD. I was
seriously like, "really Satan? Try me." We ran After him, caught him
and found out that his world has been rocked the last few weeks. His
heart is so so heavy but he really hasn't been making time for God.
He's a pretty scary guy and he gets mad really easily but we decided
to be really bold with him and we promised him that if he doesn't
shape up and start putting God first, these challenges won't stop. He
won't find relief. And his life will get harder. He stopped and didn't
say anything and we played the video "Why He Was Born". Afterwards he
asked, "how'd you do that? Those were the words I've been needing, and
they were right there in that video". In that moment, on the sidewalk
in the pouring rain we testified of God, His perfect timing, and His
never-ending love for His children. I changed last night. And I know
Dustin changed last night. I know God and his timing is PERFECT. He
loves his children deeply  and everlastingly and He will never ever
leave us alone. Please don't forget that this marvelous holiday

I love you all SO SO MUCH

Sister Kennedy

 Love these peeps!

 In front of this crazy decorated house!

 Me and these cuties!

 The district after white elephant!

Heather making fun of my hairstyle!  HAHA!

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