Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just call me Sister Swaaaaag!

Sister Kennedy here! ALIVE AND VERY VERY WELL!!! I have literally had the most incredible few days of my life since I got here.  As I left the car after some sad goodbyes I entered the MTC knowing that this is where I am meant to be! I walked onto the campus and met perfect friends right from the very beginning.  Within 3 minutes of getting there, I ran into the wonderful ELDER DILLON BATT and felt right at home! HE went on to tell me that we were in the same zone!!! LIKE WHAT!? yeah. real life.  THEN! I made it to my room and then to my classroom. I HAVE THE BEST DISTRICT IN THE WORLD. I am serious.  The elder and sisters are absolutely incredible and we are already so close. THE POWER FELT HERE IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. My companion is sister Erica Williams from Kimberlee Idaho :) WHO KNOWS TY BLACKER FROM BYU IDAHO! mom, I told you about her... we met on facebook and are literally the same person. it freaks me out.  SHE ALSO KNOWS RUDY BOWMAN!!!! mom, you HAVE to tell him. She freaked out when she realized I knew him.  We get along so well that most all the missionaries here think we are old friends.  WE NEVER STOP LAUGHING.  I have taught her the art of swag and she has taught me the beauty of wearing socks and crocs ;) hahaha we are literally perfect for one another, I get teary thinking of how blessed i am to have her.  She has taught me so much and I love her SO SO SO much.  We have two other sisters that live with us in our little room and they are awesome! one is sister Hemenway and sister Belnap.  Sister Belnap is 21 and just got over fighting cancer a little over a year ago. She was assigned to DC South with us, but she can only be assigned to places with specific hospitals within the mission boundaries (due to her cancer) and we JUST found out that DC South does not have one of those hospitals! so she is currently "unassigned" SHE HAS NO IDEA WHERE SHE IS SERVING.  she is so strong though and patient as she waits. I really look up to her.
When we first got here we had a HUGE meeting with all the missionaries that got here that day. we all sang called to serve (SO POWERFUL) and heard from the MTC presidents.  One of the biggest rules here is that we cant call each other "guys" we have to say elders and sisters. SO one of the MTC presidents' wives was explaining this and she said, "we do NOT call each other guys. do you want to know who guys are? the boys back at home kissing your girlfriends elders." hahahahah I could not stop laughing. SHE ROCKS. she then shared this quote with us "God loves all of his children equally. but he loves his missionaries a little more equally" hahaha she is incredible.  I love how light hearted the MTC is. everyone is always happy and so dang cute!
NEXT COOL STORY. So one elder in my district is named Elder Thurston.  He is from St. George, went to Desert Hills High school, has an older Brother Named Brandon WHO IS MCKAY CUMMINGS BEST FRIEND who is also serving in Mozambique!!! WHAT!?!? yeah we freaked out when we made that connection. he absolutely rocks.
Dad, another Elder in my district is named Elder Jensen and he played basketball for Herriman.  He graduated this year, his name is Elder Jensen (i already told you that... haha)...I think his first name is... Jacob? Jake? Joe? maybe? haha i dont actually remember, but look him up! 
I have learned SO MUCH HERE!!! like a ridiculous amount. I have never felt closer to God and I have never felt so much love for everyone I know and everyone around me. The first night we got here, we taught an investigator.  THE FIRST NIGHT. It was horrifying. But so cool!!! ANd last night we taught another one and he committed to baptism! it was the first time we met him and HE ACCEPTED! the church is so true! God will help us with anything if we just ask!
I run into the LOVELY holly holland like ALL THE TIME. she is doing so well and is so stinking cute. She has pictures of us on her blog czech em out ;) haha
Elder Batt told me to tell you guys "the church is true". he is SUPER insightful. haha we get to go to the temple today as a zone and we are going to take a pic together to send to all yall ;) 
the most important thing I have learned here is to LOVE EVERYONE, talk to EVERYONE,and treat everyone as christ would.
a few shoutouts to the lovely sara parker for my journal! Rere and Mike for the hidden note :) Isabella for my lovely 1st night in the MTC letter, Gabe for that Swiss chocolate you gave me for my birthday... we do NOT get enough food here! haha, bridget for the AWESOME dear elder you sent me, and of course momma for the letter :) you guys rock!

I miss you all so much. 
ALSO I have tons of pictures but I cant figure out how to get them onto this computer... I am retarded I am pretty sure... 
God is great, life is good, and the church is true.
Sister Kennedy

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