Sunday, August 31, 2014

Second week in the MTC!

There is so so so much I want to tell you!!! first off, the people I saw this week include... the wonderful elder Ryan Selfaison, Elder Elijah Lindstrom, Sestra Holly Holland of course, Elder Dillon Batt, MORGAN MAY, and JAXON AMES! like wuuuuut. yeah. it rocked. PS I met tons of incredible people! sister williams and I just started talking to EVERYONE! 
there are NO SISTERS here. literally. you would think there is a ton but in our whole zone there are 4 sisters. with like 30 elders. INSANE. so we are pretty popular around these parts, everyone gives us special attention because it's like we are the "lesser species" hahaha. 
We met some sisters that are here straight from Tonga, and the Tongans OWN THIS PLACE. In the wise words of elder giles (in my district) "don't mess with the Tongans, they'll just eat you." So we met these sisters and they liked us a lot, which meant that we were on all of the Tongan's good side. They would yell across the cafeteria, which is huge, and say "HEYYYY THOSE ARE MY SISTAAAASS!!!" hahahaha it was so funny, they just left though... for Sacramento and Salt Lake. 
We also have met TONS of people that we have connections with... for example... I met a sister Stotts going to the Phillipeans (dont know how to spell that) who is from the "sandy-eggo" and is palz with mahhh gurlz k-sheff and cozzzzy B.  so thats rad. I also met an elder Hayes from St. George who went to Desert Hills and was super good friends with HUNTER. yeah cray. He asked alllll about weston, and was just a rad guy. ALSO, we have new sisters in our zone this week, one of which is from Vancouver Washington, and is best friends with my one and only BYU roommate Becky Shirley! I also met some elders coming to Farrmingon NM this well! one of which is elder Caleb Thompson who is also friends with my boi Rudy B. so thats also rad ( I have said rad like 5 times haha, I apologize). PS President Eyring's grandson is here! whaaaa! he is going to like Taiwan or something. So cool.
Sister Williams and I play volleyball during gym time every day and we play with these super cool elders.  They think that sis W and I are total ballers so they wont let us play on the same team hahhaha. the last time, they all kept saying "sister kennedy you are such a blessing to us" hahahaha. they are seriously the greatest!! one of those elders is named elder... le'freance? something like that. he  is from Montreal Canada. He got baptized when he was 16 and he is the only member in his family.  he is serving in new york new york and I have never seen anyone so excited to serve! i see him and his comp like everyday and he always rocks my world. GREAT kid. 
There are two elders in our zone, Elder Clavel and Elder Pratt who are seriously the greatest.  Sister Williams and I were really worried about this investigator that we were NOT connecting with.  and these two elders came in and taught us everything we needed to know.  SO RAD. they are amazing teachers and they really taught us how to connect with people. I LOVE THEM. 
random sidenote: Elder Clavel is from Chile and is a DJ. yeah. real life. and he found out that I was a hip hop dancer and we have been super tight every since hahaha. he really wants to have a post-mission jam session hahhaa. 
OK. funny story. so the elders here at the lovely MTC have a code word when they think that an elder is flirting with a sister and his companion is not around. they all yell "NEE-HOW ELDER" hahaa so the night before elder batt flew out to eugene Oregon, I was telling him to email me. my comp was behind me and comp was inside the room we were standing in front of haha. anyways, I was giving him my email and his whole district was like "nee how elder!! nee how!" and I had no idea what it meant so I just kept talking and elder batt couldnt stop laughing. so I walked away, and them all the elders were like "ELDER B!!! gettin Sister K! OWW OWW!" they all thought we were dating. It was SO FUNNY. and we were both like what the heck! we are just besties! hahaha anyways, not that funny, but I was laughing. lolzzzz.
Now that we are all getting ready to head into the field, all these elders keep nonchalantly asking for sister william's and I's emails to "keep in touch". haha the poor girl deprived elders... *sigh. 
ANYWAYSSSS I have learned so much this week, I have met so many people, and I have literally laughed until I collapsed on the floor crying (that has actually happened hahaha). such a blast. my companion is seriously BOMB.

our teachers here at the MTC are brother littlefield and sister Bryan. SUCH INCREDIBLE PEOPLE. like seriously they have helped me learn and grow more than i could have ever imagined.  I LOVE THEM. 

PS SHOUTOUT TO ALL MY HOMIES WHO WROTE ME THIS WEEK!!! Grandma Joan, Rere and Mike, Momma Tiff, Father Kelly K, K-Sheff, Isabellaaaaa, E-Dizzle (effie lolz), Margaret :), my madeline moooo, and Landon :) I will write/email you this week.  I dont have any time today! An hour is like NO TIME. 

I wish I had more time to tell you everything! just know that we can all find true happiness through this restored church!!! 

Also ISABELLA!!! TELL ELIZAS MOM THAT SHE ROCKS!!! I dont have her email with me right now, she has written me more than anyone else!!! :)

I will talk to you when I am with my boi barrackyyyy ;)
God is Great, Life is Good, and the Church is True
with love, 
sister kennedy

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