Monday, February 2, 2015

If You're Happy and You Know It... Share It!

BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!!!!! KINGSTOWNE IS SACRED GROUNDS. I am dead serious. I AM SO in love with and OBSESSED with this place and I want to stay here for my entire 18 months. #realtalk. The people will forever have my heart.

as per usual... lets start with the funny. SO this week we had to privilege to go to the temple visitors center with a less active woman and her son that we are hoping to start teaching. While we are walking in, there are 2 elders in front of us, but pretty far away. Sister K, the less active, was like, GIRLS!those boys think you are SO cute! they wont stop turning around and looking at you! I look at sister malufau with a super confused look because neither of us had even seen the elders... and then we brace ourselves. because sister k is also referred to as crazy k...  So SHE SCREAMS AT THEM. literally SCREAMS AT THEM to have them come and talk to us. I thought I was going to DIE. the elders, just as confused as we are, come over and sister K goes, "ok introduce yourselves, tell each other where you are from, I know you think these girls are cute elders." They turned bright red, we turned bright red, none of us had any idea what to say. So me being my awkward self just started walking the other way. hahahaha and Sister K just kept talking to them telling them how "great" sister Malufau and I are. literally SO awkward.

ANYWAYS... so this week was miraculous. so so so miraculous. last Monday we had a lesson with Eric. I don't think there is any word other than MIRACULOUS that can describe him. We brought one of our ward missionaries over and we taught him the Restoration. HE WAS LOVING IT. he asked SO many good questions and had so much good input. he is SO ready to accept it. He is from Lima Peru and he has seen the temple there...  that's how he knew who we were when we stopped him on the street. what a champ. He was raised Catholic, and has some questions regarding what makes us different. SO today we are teaching him again with one of our ward missionaries who is from Poland and who was LITERALLY baptized by the POPE. #wut. yeah that's completely real. it is going to be rad. He is just an incredible guy so willing to be changed and molded through Christ to be better. SO PUMPED for Eric

We also were able to visit and long lost less active this week :) AND WHAT A MIRACLE IT WAS! she is a recent convert and her story will change your life. She was meeting with the missionaries and wanted to be baptized but she couldn't come to church because she worked 2 jobs both on Sundays. She prayed and prayed to know what to do and she took a leap of faith and quit both. ON THE SAME DAY. She said that she knew Heavenly Father would bless her because she was doing what was right. WITHIN 5 MINUTES of quitting her second job she got a called from the FBI saying they wanted her to work for them! she chose how much she made and how much she worked. She knew that that experience was because of Gods grace and so she got baptized and joined the church. THEN. she lost that job 2 years later and was working two jobs again keeping her from going to church. This was the exact time she moved to Kingstowne and she met sister schooley and I. She knew that God was telling her that she needed to quit both jobs and go to church. we talked to her about faith and knowing that God would provide. then we lost contact for about 2 months and this week we saw her again! she took that leap of faith Again and quit both jobs. She didn't get a job within 5 minutes BUT the bishop met with her and she is going in for an interview with the CIA this week that she feels she will get. GOD IS SO GOOD when we PUT HIM FIRST. what a miracle!

This week was a slower week for the work. We were trying just has hard but we were seeing less results. anyone who has served a mission knows the struggle. There are weeks like that A LOT. and it can be super frustrating. BUT it all works out. Yesterday was fast Sunday and I fasted to know what MORE I could be doing to be giving my ALL to the Lord. I have been working really hard to be obedient to every rule and exert every effort and so I was just a little frustrated. BUT THEN I remembered a card that my sweet best friend Isabella wrote me that said, "open when you need some spiritual upliftment" so I did. and in that wonderful letter I found the quote, "No one will care how much you know unless they know how much you care". and I KNEW that was my answer. LOVE THESE PEOPLE. love them with EVERY OUNCE OF ME. love them for their FEARS, DOUBTS, and WEKNESSES. and more than anything love them SO MUCH that you desire their salvation and you WANT them to COME CLOSE TO THEIR SAVIOR.  So brothers and sisters, LOVE the people around you. love them with every inch of you no matter how much you don't want to. We are all children of God. we are all destined to Succeed and we are ALL worth it.

The best part of serving in DC is that I haven't come to just love the people of DC. I love the people of Africa. I love the people of India. I love the People of Europe and I love the People of Costa Rica, Peru, Canada, Mexico, and Russia.  

This work is SO sweet and this church is SO undeniably true.

keep it real and keep the faith

sister kennedy
  gasssssssin up

face masks make life better #compunity 

 ready to ROC? (thank you Isabella Errigo for being the BEST and sending me a little piece of home this week)

 hahaha I couldn't resist. h8 h8ers guys.

setting up family search accounts with andy and michelle so they can bring family names to the temple! 

 Family Search #ferdayz

me literally trying to climb this fence so we didn't have to walk alllll the way around this apt complex to our next appointment. I was unsuccessful..

just kickin it with mai gurl 


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