Monday, January 26, 2015

Working Hard and Loving Harder

Brothers and Sisters, the miracles have yet to cease! I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE. I actually had a dream this week that President called me and said I would be staying here for a 5th transfer and I CRIED I was so happy. let's pray that was revelation ;) hahah

so lets start with the funny... SO a less-active woman in our ward gave us a ring this week and asked us if we could go pick up her cats from the vet... we were a little shocked, as most missionaries are NOT ever asked this question, and we called our district leader, he just laughed and was like well I guess you can if they are in kennels... so we drive over there, pick them up and put them in the back of the car, we do it as fast as we can because its POURING outside and we skipped dinner to do it.  SO we start driving and the kennels start tipping! These poor cats are clinging on for dear life in the back as we were trying to speed down the highway, during rush hour, back to their home so we can have dinner. They were whimpering and meowing all the way back. We finally get back and we lug them up to their owners apartment where we have waiting for us, 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that are COVERED in car hair... trying not to be rude we ate them all... and then left... we are now renamed sister KAT KENNEDY and sister MEOWlufau... riding the struggle bus people... riding the struggle bus.... hahahaha


Monday night, we had no appointments and no dinner... so we decided we would go street contact for the night! So we went over to a big apartment complex and we just went crazy talking talking talking. We found this MIRACLE family from Africa that was so happy to see us and they want us to come and teach them this week!! We are so so so excited!

THEN we called a man named Eric that we found street contacting a few weeks earlier that said he would be in Puerto Rico for a while, he answered, was EXCITED to hear from us, and told us he wants to meet whenever works best for us! we are going back tonight!

One night, about 2 months ago, we were going to check up on a former investigator when this lady walking out of the building said, "hi sisters, how are you?" shocked we started walking with her and she told us that she has met with missionaries before and she wants to meet with them again but she lost contact!!! WHAT. So we went back like a zillion times but she was never home. SO we went back for our last attempt and lo and behold she answered the door, grabbed our hands right there and started praying with us. We read from Alma with her, we talked about the Book of Mormon and we are going back on Tuesday to teach her more!!!

Derek (the miracle from last week) still kind of wants to be taught, but he is hard to get a hold of, so keep praying for him, we are going to call him today and get an appointment set up... pray pray pray!

THEN we saw Sheila again :) we taught her about a month ago and she was a total miracle but then she never answered when we went back... so we decided to check again, when we got to her apt. we noticed that our less-active who lives across the street had her lights on in her car. So we went over to tell her that. We knocked and we heard her son moan, "uhh its the sisters" and she just started screaming, "DONT OPEN THE DOOR! we don't need them here, its been a horrible day, why didn't they call first, tell them to leave!!!" Sister Malufau's eyes got big and she started walking away but I knocked again... haha she screamed again and THEN the pizza man walked in and he was delivering their pizza :) so we had him knock and we stood right behind him. They answered the door and she screamed at us again, and I smiled and said, 'HI! we just wanted to let you know the lights are on in your car!" :) And she wrapped her arms around me and said, "thank you so much for being persistent!! My car wouldn't have started in the morning and I wouldn't have made it to church!"  the tender mercies of the Lord are real :)

AND THEN we went and saw Sheila, she reluctantly let us in and we talked about Christ and shared the "Because of Him" Mormon message with her, She LOVED it and she told us that she got the same feelings in her heart watching that as she did when we taught her the plan of salvation. She said, "OK! I am going to read the Book of Mormon before our lesson next Saturday at 7! and I will say the prayer!" I thought I was going to jump out of my chair. it was AWESOME.

Our new bishop gave us 4 referrals for families he wants us to check up on this week and we are SO PSYCHED. There are just too many miracles to even type. I am SO grateful for this sweet work and for this INCREDIBLE area that I serve in :)

I was studying this week about a sister missionary who served in Boston and who ROCKED the mish and worked SUPER hard. She was talking ot another discouraged missionary and she said, "We as missionaries don't CONVINCE people to join the church. We LOVE them into the church. If they can feel God's love for them through the spirit when they read the Book of Mormon, they join the church". HOW TRUE THOSE WORDS ARE! She goes on to say that it is the SAME with the members! We have got to LOVE them into doing missionary work. It is such a sweet work. They are so many blessings and rewards that I reap each and every day just being here. I LOVE these people. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these people. I LOVE Virginia. I LOVE Kingstowne. I LOVE my companion. and most of all I LOVE my Savior Jesus Christ and what he did for me. I know that his atoning sacrifice was for each and every one of us and this opportunity that I have right now to share that love with everyone I meet is so unique and so beautiful. I wish I could soak up every second of being a missionary. I wish I could express the amount of love and joy that comes from being a missionary.  and I wish I could more perfectly put into words what this opportunity means to me. I LOVE each and every one of you SO SO SO very much and I hope you can feel that love all the way from the "hood" in DC.

keep it real and keep the faith

sister kennedy
  part of the zone after zone conference

look ma, we in a trio now 

so whoever has the cleanest car in the zone at zone conference gets to switch cars with anyone in the zone. someone took ours. so we got the van #jokes 

me at the vet with my friend cat 

 get a call from a less active telling us that she has her 3 cats at the vet and she cant pick them up because she doesn't have a car and she cant take them on the bus. don't worry. we got it. just call us sister MEOWlufau and sister KAT KENNEDY #winning

 Me and Sista Kelley just being us.............

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