Monday, January 26, 2015

Just Do It! (sister swag...aka Nike)

HOLY MIRACLES!!! BROTHERS AND SISTERS I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW I CAN BE SO BLESSED!!! I can not believe how much better my mission gets day by day, even when I think it cant, it does. #rad

So the amount of times we were hit on this week was a record high... What can I say? the light of Christ is pretty attractive I guess... haha except seriously THE most annoying. and I wear hardly any makeup and dress like an 80 year old woman. like bro... what are you looking at? #thestruggle

We ran into all sorts of people this week... one guy was telling us that he is from Pakistan and he is muslim... so we started talking about Christ and he throws in that he has read the Book of Mormon... uhhh what? are you serious? it was so crazy... but then he went on to tell us that he believed in and practiced every religion... hahah ok... well see ya later... 

NOW FOR THE MIRACLES!!! so. one of our most solid families dropped us this week... we are being dropped RIGHT AND LEFT and I finally got to the point that I was so frustrated I could scream! So then our zone leaders called us... and I answered in a voice that was pretty close to death because I was so frustrated. they asked us about our investigators and I told them and they just kept saying "sister kennedy! It's ok! you have enough faith that we know you will find someone to teach! what are your plans for tonight?" so I told them and the last lesson we were having was with a less active lady in the ward. Elder Macias asked me if there was anyone in her home that wasnt a member that we could teach. Grudgingly I told him about her 20-year-old son who is a total punk to us every time we go over and who isnt a member. And our zone leaders, being as cool as they are, committed us to try and get Derek (her son) to be a part of the lesson with us. Now keep in mind he was taught the missionary lessons with his mom 9 years ago and randomly decided not to get baptized and since then has refused to meet with missionaries or go to church or anything. So we go over and he wasnt downstairs so my first thought is, well he isnt down here so we wont worry about it but the spirit kept telling me to call him downstairs. So i yelled, and he didnt come, so i yelled again, and he didnt come, and one more time, with no luck. I asked his mom to call him and she warned us that he wouldnt come down and if he did he would be annoyed and go back upstairs but with faith we told her to call him down anyways. So she called him and he didnt come down and we started the lesson. 10 minutes later, HERE COMES DEREK! He comes down, asks how we are, sits on the couch and AGREES TO BE A PART OF THE LESSON. i thought my heart was going to fall out of my chest. So he watches the video we showed his mom and we have an in depth discussion about the church and about why he listened to us. HE THEN AGREED TO TAKE THE DISCUSSIONS AND GET BAPTIZED. #WUT. #ISTHISREALLIFE. I literally thought I was going to pass out. We got out of the lesson and I called our zone leaders on the verge of tears... Elder Macias (one of our zone leaders) was screaming so loud I thought he was going to die. hahaha all these people were looking at me like I was a crazy person! BUT IT WAS SUCH A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!

WE HAVE THE BEST WARD EVER.  Yesterday during church we sang my favorite hymn and I just started crying as I looked around at all these incredible people that are helping shape my life. I LOVE THEM so much and I cant stand to think that i will be leaving after this transfer. The relationships I have built and the trust we have built with the members has been incredible. I LOVE this place literally with every ounce of my being.

THEN we had elder Hallstrom and elder Perkins of the quorum of the 70 come and talk to us! IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE. I wish I could have recorded it for all of you to watch. They spoke to us with so much love and with so much faith in us as missionaries. They told us of the love that President Monson has for each of us and for how much we are prayed for by all the leaders of the church. We are truly part of such a glorious work and I am SO LUCKY to be here! I feel so watched over and SO loved. What a blessing!

So the computer I am on keeps going WHACK so i have no time left, but this week I learned so much about JUST DOING IT. There are so many times when the last thing I want to do is talk to that sketchy guy on the street or knock doors when its 10 degrees outside, or get yelled at by crazy people on the streets but we do it because we know its right. we do it because the Lord has blessed us with so many things that the least we can do is give back for 18 months. I have truly learned the power of forgetting myself and getting to work. So many miracles come from NOT WORRYING. NOT DOUBTING. NOT SAYING NO. and just doing it. This week I want to commit you all to JUST DOING SOMETHING.  Say hi to the lonely girl on the bus, ask someone how you can help them, send a thank you card, SMILE, and just do it, because sometimes the best thing we can do is stop thinking about something and just start acting on it. 

I know these things are true and I so testify of them in the name of Jesus Christ amen

keep it real and keep the faith

sister kennedy

Pics below are just us being CRAZY!

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