Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Leesburg the Iceburg!

Holy. Crazy. Week. It feels like it's been 3 weeks. SO much has happened.
Let's just do a little play by play... I left Langley this week. Holy
smokes I will forever have a piece of my heart in that holy land. So
many miracles and good things came from that area. I have never been
more tried and challenged and have never felt more joy. The
experiences I had there will forever be dear to my heart. Saying
goodbye to the Ward and the people I taught was HEART WRENCHING. I
will love these people for the rest of my life. Forever best friends.
Also. Sister Lewis went home. Holy smokes. She is my first companion
that has gone home since my trainer. I thought I was letting go of a
piece of myself saying goodbye to her at the stake center on Thursday.
I had to hold back so many tears. That girl changed my mission and my
life. I will forever be indebted to her for the incredible friend,
companion and sister that she is to me. Love that little cutie.

1st of all, there is a family from my first area that I taught that
was getting sealed on Saturday! ahhhh! So so so exciting. Well the
blizzard messed up everyone's plans, and last minute they moved the
sealing up to Thursday night at 8 PM. Which was the night of
transfers. So things got whack. I got transferred to Leesburg which is
literally on the other side of the mission from where the other sister
that was going with me to the sealing is serving. So I ended up just
going with her after transfers to her area in Fort Belvoir right after
transfers. We tricked everyone into thinking I was her new companion
and mixed everybody up, it was hysterical. Anyways, trying to figure
out this whole thing with their sealing and how we were getting there
was SO stressful to say the least and honestly an absolute miracle
that any of it worked out. And it did. As we walked into the temple
that night, the Stolpe family was right by the entrance. I will never
forget the way sweet sister Stolpe looked up, saw me, and ran into my
arms. We just stood there and wept. She just kept saying, "I'm so glad
you're here. I'm so glad you're here". One of the most tender moments
of my life, and that sealing is one I will never forget. Sitting in
that sealing room, full of people from the kingstowne Ward (my first
area) and the sealer being one of my favorite people from the Oak Marr
Ward (my third area) I couldn't help but just cry. Cry in gratitude
for my Father in Heaven and this miraculous opportunity He has given
me to be here at this time serving His children. It was a night and an
experience I will never forget. The spirit was so so thick that I
could feel it. That family, after 18 years, is now eternal. What a

It's a real thing.
And it happened this week.
THE ENTIRE EAST COAST SHUT DOWN. We had to be in our apt by noon on
Friday and have literally been housebound since. The snow started at 2
pm and we have been BURIED ever since. 3 feet of snow in a day. It was
crazy. Not to mention the wind, sleet, and soon to be rain this
afternoon. #holler. So Friday night, was the first night of the
transfer and I was not about to be stuck in the apartment. So we
decided to walk to the grocery store and help people with their
groceries. Not thinking about the fact that snowmaggedon hit and no
one would be outside. LOLZ. My hair literally froze to my face. And I
couldn't see a thing. Haha BUT! Coming out of the grocery story was
Pam :) we stopped and talked with her and invited her to watch a video
about Christ's resurrection. We gave her the card and she told us she
had just lost her mom 2 months earlier and is out of work. We
testified of the plan of salvation, the rut fullness of the message of
Christ's gospel and asked if she would like to learn more. She agreed
And gave us her information to come and talk to her more. MIRACLES

The weather just got worse and the rest of the week we were inside or
shoveling. We helped one of our neighbors shovel her car out so she
could have her wine for the weekend and our other neither Ernie helped
shovel us out! He also agreed to meet with the elders and come to
church! Sweet! I love the miracles that come when we seek for
unplanned opportunity to share the gospel!

Real quick funny thing - sister Makowa has never been in snow. So on
Saturday, we were walking around and she was like "so for some reason
there are weird yellow spots everywhere. What do you think that is?"
Hahahaha that would be dog pee. Haha

We also went sledding with some kids in the Ward that live in our
complex only to find that the white handbook tells us "no winter
sports" - oops

It's been a great week! We can't drive after 6 pm, so no proselyting.
AGAIN. Going on day 4. But all is well!! I love you all and care for
you so so much! Thanks for all your love and prayers!
Keep it real and keep the faith
Sister Kennedy

With some of the fav sisters
Tracting with sister labrum
With Laura and Torey at the fireside
Dinner with one of my old bishops from Oak Marr :)
Saying goodbye to all the Langley homies
Sister pope and I getting ready for the blizzard after the sealing haha
Sister Makowa and I and the ICEBURG

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