Monday, February 1, 2016

Livin' the Dream in the Burg!

holy smokes! another week! it feels like so much has happened, yet
nothing. hahah we are no longer housebound! which is great! we are
moving and shaking! miracles are happening here!

the funny -
so sister makowa wanted to straighten the ends of her braids this week
and told me she has to do it with boiling water... which i was like
NAH. Imma pull out the straightener, itll be way quicker. HA I burned
her braid off. hahaha. It was hysterical. SO many good times.

all of our investigators happen to be 70 or older which is quite the
switch considering the last year of my mission was spent with young
single adults. we got this new investigator this week who is 95 years
old and she is SO hard of hearing that I don't even know what to do
with myself. we were asking her about her religious background and 4
times I said "Do you have a religious background?" with her having no
clue what I was saying until sister Makowa just screamed "DO YOU HAVE
A CHURCH!?" hahaha

there is a less active lady in our ward that the members warned me
about because they said she will keep us there for 2+ hours. I didn't
believe them and so we went to visit her. Things were going great and
we were totally on schedule until I started telling her about alma and
how he is a prophet of God who prophesied before Christ came and she
assured me that no prophets were on the earth until after Christ.
hahaha It was a solid 30 minutes before she changed her mind and 30
more until we started reading. we were there for 2 hours on the dot.

We got a referral to check on from another investigator that we had a
lesson with last night. shes probably close to 80 years old and at the
end we asked for a return appointment. She  said to come back
whenever. sister makowa said jokingly, "you wont be too busy
partying?" and in her low, raspy voice responds. "oh sweetie. I don't
party... I stopped partying a long time ago". hahaha we cried we were
laughing so hard.


we got 3 referrals this week! all of which seem really solid and we
are really looking forward to working with!

We were able to teach our investigator peter who is getting baptized
on Saturday so that was awesome! he is SUPER prepared and excited to
get baptized! we are pumped!

We are working with a couple other people, but mostly we are finding,
finding, finding! it has been great, lots of potential people who are
going to be really solid when we can meet more frequently and lots of
people that are waiting that we are here to find. I am so grateful to
be here now!

I am so grateful for the miracle of missionary work. for the power
that is in our calling as missionaries! there are things we can do and
ways we can act to literally call down the powers of Heaven and what a
miracle that is! I will forever cherish the time I get to serve here
as a full time missionary are representative of Jesus Christ. The
mission is a miracle and I am so glad to be here at this time! I love
you all and I pray for you all always :) have best week!

keep it real and keep the faith

sister kennedy

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